39 Facts About Batman Returns


Batman Returns is a 1992 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton and written by Daniel Waters.

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Burton had no interest in making a sequel to the successful Batman Returns, believing he was creatively restricted by expectations of the Warner Bros.

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Batman Returns agreed to return in exchange for significant creative control, including replacing original writer Sam Hamm with Daniel Waters, and hiring many of Burton's previous creative collaborators.

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Marketing campaign for Batman Returns was substantial, including collaborations with brands, a variety of merchandise to replicate the success of the previous film.

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Batman Returns Forever was a financial success although less well-received critically.

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Batman Returns publicly described the idea as "dumbfounded, " especially before they could analyze Batmans performance.

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Daniel Waters was hired to replace Hamm because Burton wanted someone who had no emotional attachment to Batman Returns and he was a fan of Waters' script for the dark comedy, Heathers, which matched Burton's intended tone and creative direction.

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Hamm ensured Batman Returns did not kill anyone, and featured a particular focus on protecting Gotham's homeless.

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Batman Returns's shared video of her efforts with Entertainment Tonight, and Warner Bros.

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Batman Returns's received a $3million salary, $2million more than Bening, plus a percentage of the gross profits.

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Batman Returns was replaced by Paul Reubens while Diane Salinger portrayed his wife, Esther, both of whom starred in Burton's feature film debut, Pee-wee's Big Adventure .

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Batman Returns was filmed entirely on sets across seven or eight soundstages at Warner Bros.

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Batman Returns was filmed entirely on sets, although some panoramic shots, such as the camera traveling from the base of Shreck's department store up to its cat-head-shaped office, were created using detailed miniatures.

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Batman Returns's found the mask similarly confining, describing it as choking her or "smashing my face, " and would catch the claws on various things.

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Batman Returns was predicted to be the summer's biggest success, and other studios were reported to be concerned about releasing their films within even a few weeks of its debut.

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Performance analysis suggested Batman Returns could become one of the highest-grossing films ever.

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Batman Returns never regained the number1 position, falling to numberfour in its fourth weekend, and leaving the top-ten highest-grossing films by its seventh.

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Outside of the U S and Canada, Batman Returns is estimated to have earned a further $104million, including a record-setting £2.

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Batman Returns was released to a polarized reception from professional critics.

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Todd McCarthy described the character as a symbol of good rather than a psychologically complete character, and Ebert lamented that Batman Returns depicts being Batman as a curse instead of a heroic power fantasy.

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In contrast, Peter Travers said that while the faster pace left little room to explore Batman Returns, Keaton's "manic depressive hero" was a deep and realized character.

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At the 46th British Academy Film Awards, Batman Returns was nominated for Best Makeup and Best Special Visual Effects .

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Batman Returns was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

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Batman Returns was released on DVD in 1997 with no additional features.

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About 120 licensed products were released alongside Batman Returns including action figures and toys by Kenner Products, Catwoman-themed clothing, toothbrushes, roller skates, T-shirts, underwear, sunglasses, towels, beanbags, mugs, weightlifting gloves, throw pillows, cookie cutters, commemorative coins, playing cards, costume jewelry, cereal, a radio-controlled Batmobile, and tortilla chips shaped like the Batman logo.

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Several video game adaptations, all titled Batman Returns, were released by multiple developers across several platforms, including Game Gear, Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Amiga, MS-DOS, and Atari Lynx; the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version was the most successful.

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However, where Batman Returns takes is depicted as content in his loneliness, the Penguin wants acceptance, love, and respect, despite his quest for revenge.

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Batman Returns noted that a scene of a store filled with Batman merchandise being destroyed was removed from the film.

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Crow and Mooney wrote that Batman Returns is "saturated with Christmas energy, " but it rejects the conventional norms of the season and becomes an anti-Christmas film, critquing the over-commercialism and lack of true goodwill towards others.

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Batman Returns makes a connection with Kyle, but ultimately the things they share cannot overcome their differences, and Wayne ends the film as he started it, alone.

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Retrospectives in the 2010s and 2020s remarked how Batman Returns had developed an enduring legacy since its release, with Comic Book Resources describing it as the most iconic comic book movie ever made.

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Burton said that, at the time, he believed Batman Returns was exploring new territory, but that it might be considered "tame" by modern standards.

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Various aspects of the production, such as the performances, score, and visual aesthetic are considered iconic influencing Batman Returns-related media and incarnations of the characters for decades after, such as the Batman Returns Arkham video games.

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Batman Returns appeared at number401 on Empires 2008 list of the 500 Greatest Movies of All Time.

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Waters recalled being told that Batman Returns was a "great movie for people who don't like Batman, " a criticism he accepted.

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Waters believed that the reception to Batman Returns was improving with time, especially following the release of The Batman .

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Burton served as an executive producer for the third film, Batman Forever, which was released to a more mixed reception than Batman Returns, but was a significant financial success.

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Waters' plot depicted Catwoman as an amnesiac following her injuries at the end of Batman Returns, who ends up in the Las Vegas-like Oasisburg and confronts various publicly virtuous male superheroes who are secretly corrupt.

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Over three decades after the release of Batman Returns, Keaton is set to reprise his version of Batman in The Flash .

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