9 Facts About Sega Genesis

1. In 2018, Sega Genesis announced a miniature dedicated console version of the Genesis, the Mega Drive Mini.

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2. Late in the 16-bit era, Sega Genesis released a handheld version of the Genesis called the Genesis Nomad.

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3. In 1993, Sega Genesis introduced a smaller, lighter version of the console, known as the Mega Drive 2 in Japan, Europe, and Australia and simply sold as Genesis in North America.

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4. In 1995, Sega Genesis announced a shift in focus to its new console, the Saturn, and discontinued all advertising for Genesis hardware, including the Sega CD.

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5. In 1993, Sega Genesis released the Sega Genesis CD 2, a smaller and lighter version of the add-on designed for the Genesis II, at a reduced price compared to the original.

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6. In 1994, Sega Genesis started the Sega Genesis Channel, a game distribution system using cable television services Time Warner Cable and TCI.

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7. In November 1993, Sega Genesis released the Sega Genesis Activator, an octagonal device that lies flat on the floor and translates the player's physical movements into game inputs.

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8. At the time, Sega Genesis had a licensing deal in place for third-party developers that increased the costs to the developer.

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9. In 1987, Sega Genesis faced another threat to its console business when Japanese computer giant NEC released the PC Engine amid great publicity.

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