17 Facts About Battersea


Battersea is a large district in south London, part of the London Borough of Wandsworth, England.

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Battersea was for centuries since the 9th century centred on many of its cottages which stood by the then-founded St Mary's Church.

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Battersea is mentioned in the few surviving Anglo-Saxon geographical accounts as Badrices ieg meaning "Badric's Island" and later "Patrisey".

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Battersea has a long and varied history of social housing, and the completion of the Shaftesbury Park Estate in 1877 was one of the earliest in London or the UK.

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Battersea has a large area of mid-20th century public housing estates, almost all located north of the main railway lines and spanning from Fairfield in the west to Queenstown in the east.

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Battersea was one of only three of the Abbey's demesne directly supervised by monks, rather than being let to tenants.

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Battersea now passed into the Spencer family - John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer being related to Frederick's wife.

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Vestry of Battersea continued to increase in importance from 1742, notably concerning itself with Poor Law administration and drainage.

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The Battersea vestry continued through to 1899, when it became the Metropolitan Borough of Battersea as a result of the London Government Act 1899.

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Metropolitan Borough of Battersea was in 1965 combined with the neighbouring Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth to form the London Borough of Wandsworth.

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John Burns founded a branch of the Social Democratic Federation, Britain's first organised socialist political party, in the borough and after the turmoil of dock strikes affecting the populace of north Battersea, was elected to represent the borough in the newly formed London County Council.

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Battersea is served by three National Rail stations: Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, and Queenstown Road .

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Largest railway station in Battersea is Clapham Junction, to the southwest of the district.

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Cycling infrastructure in Battersea is provided by the London Borough of Wandsworth and Transport for London .

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Battersea is the setting for Penelope Fitzgerald's 1979 Booker Prize–winning novel, Offshore.

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Battersea provides the backdrop for the real world scenes in the audio book and app series Rockford's Rock Opera.

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Battersea is the setting for Joan Aiken's Black Hearts in Battersea, the second published volume in the Wolves Chronicles.

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