10 Facts About BBC Persian


BBC Persian is the Persian language broadcast station and subsidiary of BBC World Service which conveys the latest political, social, economical and sport news relevant to Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and the world.

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The BBC was at times even used directly in the operations, sending coded messages to the coup plotters by changing the wording of its broadcasts.

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Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his supporters became critical of the BBC Persian in creating the environment for the popular upheaval that eventually led to the Iranian Revolution in February 1979.

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The Iranian Ambassador in London, Parviz Radji, tried to tone down these complaints recognising the BBC Persian was acting independently, but had many meetings with the top management of the BBC Persian in the late 1970s, including the Director-General Ian Trethowan.

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For 19 years the BBC Persian covered Iran from London with occasional short visits to Iran by correspondents.

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However, after the 1999 election of President Mohammad Khatami the BBC Persian was able to re-open a Tehran office with a resident correspondent.

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BBC Persian has been long criticized and accused of promoting Iran regime's propaganda such as homophobic views in their programs by many Iranian's living outside of Iran.

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Many of Iranian's regime opposition believe that BBC Persian's news are directional and one-sided that helps and justifies Iranian's regime brutality toward people of Iran.

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BBC Persian have been accused of the publication of a large amount of low important news and information, fragmented and sometimes archival images that have drawn severe criticism from the audience of this media claiming to be honest.

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In 2018 the BBC made an appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to help stop Iran from harassing its Persian Service staff in the United Kingdom and their families in Iran.

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