13 Facts About Beau Brummel


Beau Brummel's name is still associated with style and good looks and has been given to a variety of modern products to suggest their high quality.

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Beau Brummel progressed to Oxford University, where, by his own example, he made cotton stockings and dingy cravats fall out of favour.

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Beau Brummel left the university after only a year at age sixteen.

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Beau Brummel's father died in 1795, by which time Brummell had been promoted to lieutenant.

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Beau Brummel was allowed to miss parade, shirk his duties and, in essence, do just as he pleased.

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Beau Brummel became the arbiter of fashion, establishing a mode of dress that rejected overly ornate clothes in favour of understated but perfectly-fitted and tailored bespoke garments.

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Beau Brummel did play a single first-class match for Hampshire at Lord's Old Ground in 1807 against an early all-England cricket team.

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Beau Brummel found it increasingly difficult to maintain his lifestyle as his spending continued over time, but his prominent position in society allowed him to float a line of credit.

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Beau Brummel lived the remainder of his life in French exile, spending ten years in Calais without an official passport, before acquiring an appointment to the consulate at Caen in 1830 through the influence of Lord Alvanley and the Duke of Beaufort.

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Beau Brummel had made it in the hope of being appointed to a more remunerative position elsewhere to regain some influence, but no new position was forthcoming, much to his detriment.

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Beau Brummel possessed a sort of quaint, dry humour, not amounting to anything like wit; indeed, he said nothing which would bear repetition; but his affected manners and little absurdities amused for the moment.

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Beau Brummel's character served as foundation for depiction of fictional dandies.

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Beau Brummel is referred to, or figures as a minor character, in the work of later writers of this genre.

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