11 Facts About Becker College


Becker College was a private college in Worcester and Leicester, Massachusetts.

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Becker College traced its history from the union of two Massachusetts educational institutions—one founded in 1784 and the other in 1887.

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Becker College offered more than 40 undergraduate degree programs including nursing programs, a veterinary science program, and video game design and development programs.

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Becker College went on to purchase and manage the Rockford Business College in Rockford, Illinois, and the Freeport Business College in Elgin, Illinois.

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In 1907, E C A Becker's wife Mary Charlotte Becker formed a corporation to manage the college, serving as treasurer, with son-in-law Walter S Doud as president, and daughter Eva M as clerk.

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Becker College offered more than 40 degree programs ranging from Animal Sciences and Criminal Justice and Game Design to Nursing and Veterinary Sciences.

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The college offers Bachelor, Associate, and Accelerated Degree Programs, in 2014 Becker College launched a Master of Arts in mental health counseling and in 2016 launched a Master of Science in nursing.

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Game design program at Becker College has been recognized on The Princeton Review's list of top undergraduate schools to study game design from 2010 to 2016.

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Becker College's wife was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution as well as an outspoken proponent for women's suffrage.

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Becker College broke ground in the spring 2011 on a new campus center in Leicester.

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Becker College once fielded 17 intercollegiate athletic teams that competed in the Division III level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association .

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