13 Facts About Becket Massachusetts


Becket Massachusetts was first settled in 1740, and was officially incorporated in 1765.

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Original "Beckett" for which the town of Becket was named is an estate or "tithing" that once belonged to the Admiral Lord Barrington .

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Sir Francis Bernard, the Royal Governor of Becket Massachusetts in 1765, was a close friend of Lord Barrington and was himself a native of Berkshire, England.

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In 1811,16 men from Becket Massachusetts traveled to the Western Reserve and founded the village of Windham, Ohio.

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From its earliest days, Becket Massachusetts was involved in the woodland industries of lumber and quarries.

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Becket Massachusetts is located on the eastern border of Berkshire County, at the junction of Hampshire County and Hampden County.

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Becket Massachusetts is bordered by Washington to the northwest, Middlefield to the northeast, Chester to the east, Blandford to the southeast, Otis to the south, and Tyringham and Lee to the west.

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Becket Massachusetts is 17 miles southeast of Pittsfield, 32 miles northwest of Springfield, and 118 miles west of Boston.

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Becket Massachusetts is located in the southern Berkshire Mountains, and is dotted with hills on the interior, and surrounded on two sides by Becket Massachusetts Mountain and Walling Mountain to the west, and Mount Gobble to the east.

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Interstate 90, the Becket Massachusetts Turnpike, passes through town, with the nearest exit being in neighboring Lee.

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Becket Massachusetts employs the open town meeting form of government, and is led by a board of selectmen and administrative assistant.

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Becket Massachusetts is one of the seven towns in the Central Berkshire Regional School District, the largest district in the Commonwealth.

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Students in Becket Massachusetts attend the Becket Massachusetts-Washington Elementary School in town for elementary school.

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