15 Facts About Belgorod Oblast


Belgorod Oblast became the military and administrative center, after originating as an outpost on the southern borders of Russia.

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In 1727, Belgorod Oblast Governorate was established from parts of Kiev Governorate.

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Current administrative-territorial boundaries of Belgorod Oblast were formed by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 6 January 1954.

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On 4 January 1967, Belgorod Oblast was awarded the Order of Lenin, and in 1980 the city of Belgorod was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, first degree.

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In 2007, the city of Belgorod Oblast received the honorary title of the City of Military Glory.

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Belgorod Oblast is part of the Central Black Earth economic region and the Central Federal District.

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Climate of Belgorod Oblast is temperate continental with a relatively mild winter with some snowfall and long summers.

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Fauna of Belgorod Oblast is predominantly of the meadow-steppe variety and comprises, by various estimates, from ten to fifteen thousand species.

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Vegetation in Belgorod Oblast reflects the features of the northern forest-steppe, characterized by the alternation of forests with the meadow steppes.

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Belgorod Oblast region played a significant role in the evolution of Russian culture.

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Belgorod Oblast region played an important role in the Russian wedding tradition of the Rushnyk.

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Belgorod Oblast region was one of the Old Russian regions from which the Bread and Salt tradition spread.

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Belgorod Oblast is administratively divided into twenty-one districts, which are further divided into 335 rural okrugs.

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Belgorod Oblast is a highly developed industrial-agrarian region, whose economy relies on its enormous wealth of mineral resources and the unique black soils.

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Belgorod Oblast has traditionally had and still has strong ties with the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

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