12 Facts About Belgorod


Belgorod is a city and the administrative center of Belgorod Oblast, Russia, located on the Seversky Donets River 40 kilometers north of the border with Ukraine.

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Oldest Belgorod fortress was built at the end of the 16th century on a chalk mountain.

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The fact is that in the old layout of Belgorod, there was a straight-line street north of the Smolensk Cathedral, going east.

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The first Belgorod fortress was built on the high right bank of the Seversky Donets.

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Geographically, the location of the first Belgorod fortress is located in the area of the current car market, and the restaurant "Belaya Gora" by its coordinates is closest to the place where the Belgorod Kremlin existed.

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In 1612 the Belgorod fortress was taken and burned by a detachment of Lithuanians.

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The Belgorod province disappeared from the geographical maps, and the city was for a long time a part of the first Kursk Governorate, then the Kursk province, and, finally, the Kursk region.

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Belgorod became part of the newly proclaimed Ukrainian People's Republic and Ukrainian State headed by Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi.

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The Belgorod Diorama is one of the World War II monuments commemorating the event.

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Belgorod is an administrative, industrial and cultural center of Belgorod Oblast, established in 1954.

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Belgorod Drama Theater is named after the famous 19th-century actor Mikhail Shchepkin, who was born in this region.

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Belgorod's climate is humid continental featuring moderate precipitation.

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