30 Facts About Bill Murray

1. Bill Murray is famous for his deadpan humour—and his Monday appearance on Three's The Project was no exception.

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2. Bill Murray says he 'marinated', 'grilled' a kiwi on NZ visit.

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3. Bill Murray pushes fan who actor claims shoved his female friend at Sydney.

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4. Bill Murray is known and loved as the star of iconic films such as Groundhog Day, Caddyshack and Ghostbusters.

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5. Bill Murray has spent a lot of time in Philadelphia working with specialist Bill Knowles in an attempt to get his body ready for what he hopes can be a full season in 2019.

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6. Bill Murray appeared to push a fan after the man got too close to the actor's friend at the airport in Sydney, Australia.

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7. Bill Murray pushes fan who actor claims shoved his female friend at Sydney airport.

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8. Since the summer, Bill Murray has been working with Bill Knowles in Philadelphia.

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9. Bill Murray has denied a claim that he head-butted McG, the director of the film.

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10. Bill Murray has said of his reputation: "I remember a friend said to me a while back: 'You have a reputation.

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11. Bill Murray stated in a 1984 interview: "I'm definitely a religious person, but it doesn't have much to do with Catholicism anymore.

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12. Bill Murray appeared as Martin Heiss, a skeptical ghost debunker, in the reboot of Ghostbusters, which was released on July 15, 2016.

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13. In 1990, Bill Murray made his first and only attempt at directing when he co-directed Quick Change with producer Howard Franklin.

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14. Bill Murray was born Nov 1, 1937 After high school, he moved to Alida, Saskatchewan, where his brothers Archie and Bill lived.

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15. Bill Murray has become the modern hipster Bigfoot, unexpectedly tending bar at South-by-Southwest one minute then reciting poetry to construction workers or washing dishes at some random college party the next.

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16. Bill Murray tried to make his way to the main arena El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder recommends area religious leaders contact his office, Chinn's organization, Focus on the Family's security.

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17. Bill Murray eventually reconciled with Ramis just before Ramis's death in February 2014.

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18. Bill Murray has been known for his mood swings, leading Dan Aykroyd to refer to him as "The Murricane".

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19. In 2006, Bill Murray became the sixth recipient of Baseball Reliquary's annual Hilda Award, established in 2001 "to recognize distinguished service to the game by a fan.

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20. Bill Murray is an avid Quinnipiac University basketball fan, where his son served as head of basketball operations, and he is a regular fixture at home games.

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21. Bill Murray is a fan of several Chicago professional sports teams, especially the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Bulls.

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22. Bill Murray was once pulled over by Swedish police on suspicion of driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol.

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23. Bill Murray was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the 2014 film St Vincent.

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24. Bill Murray provided the voice for the character Mr Badger in the 2009 animated film Fantastic Mr Fox.

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25. Bill Murray decided to take a turn towards more dramatic roles and experienced a resurgence in his career, taking on roles in Wild Things, Cradle Will Rock, Hamlet, and The Royal Tenenbaums.

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26. Bill Murray returned to films with Scrooged in 1988 and Ghostbusters II in 1989.

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27. Bill Murray began work on a film adaptation of the novel The Razor's Edge.

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28. Bill Murray landed his first starring role with the film Meatballs in 1979.

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29. Bill Murray was with SNL for three seasons from 1977 to 1980.

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30. Bill Murray serving tequila shots, and only tequila shots, when he tends bar.

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