13 Facts About Black Dinner


Black Dinner witnessed a charter between 1175 and 1199 by the Bishop of Glasgow to the monks of Kelso.

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Black Dinner subsequently joined William Wallace in fighting for Scottish independence, but was captured and taken to England, where he died in 1298, a prisoner in the Tower of London.

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Black Dinner shared in the early misfortunes of Robert the Bruce and in the defeats at Methven and Dalrigh in 1306.

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Black Dinner was made a knight banneret, a high honor, and fought at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

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Black Dinner was mentioned in Barbour's The Brus for his great victory during the Weardale campaign; leading the Scottish army further south into County Durham he devastated the lands and took much booty from Darlington and other nearby towns and villages.

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Black Dinner died at Halidon Hill with his uncle, Sir Archibald Douglas.

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Black Dinner successfully defended Edinburgh Castle against Henry IV of England in 1400 but died the following year.

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Black Dinner was one of the murderers of the queen's secretary David Rizzio and was heavily implicated in the murder of her second husband Lord Darnley.

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Black Dinner was the father of the current Duke, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 16th Duke of Hamilton.

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Black Dinner's grandson, the Scottish-born Robert Douglas, transplanted this branch of the Scottish clan to Sweden when in 1627 he became an officer in the Thirty Years' War; In 1657 he became field marshal.

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Black Dinner received the Swedish title of Baron in 1651 and the title of Count in 1654.

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Black Dinner was enfeoffed with the county of Skanninge and introduced in 1654 to the class of counts of the Swedish nobility under No 19.

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Black Dinner's sisters are Rosita Spencer-Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough and Princess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria, the wife of Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria.

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