29 Facts About Black Tarantula


Black Tarantula is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Black Tarantula was created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Steve Skroce who stole the name from a Harry Belafonte song.

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In reality, the Black Tarantula's immortality has a more earthly origin: the title is inherited from father to son, all posing as the same person .

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Black Tarantula comes into conflict with the local crime lord the Rose, and defeats the Rose's enforcer, Delilah, though he heals her severe injuries afterwards.

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Fortunato accepts, but the Black Tarantula has to prove his loyalty by defeating Spider-Man and bringing back his mask.

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Black Tarantula did as he was asked and defeated Spider-Man—not even caring who Spider-Man was under the mask—but lets him live when he learns that Spider-Man was trying to rescue a small child.

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Spider-Man takes on the identity of Ricochet during the "Identity Crisis" storyline, to infiltrate the Rose's organization and find out more about Black Tarantula, fighting Bloodscream and Roughouse with his former enemy Delilah .

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Black Tarantula's reminds him what a burden the title of the Black Tarantula had been on him and Carlos relented.

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Black Tarantula is later seen at Ryker's Island and is taking drugs that suppress his superhuman powers.

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Black Tarantula is released early from prison due to a record of good behavior and prison overpopulation.

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Black Tarantula says that he would like to take the money but Daredevil stops him.

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Later, Black Tarantula takes on a gang whose leader was hired to kill an old woman.

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Daredevil shows up at the scene, asking what Black Tarantula has done; Black Tarantula then tells him that he plans on taking the rest of the money from the hideout.

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Black Tarantula collects the money and gets ready to leave, but before he goes he kneels in front of Daredevil and heals the flu he has been afflicted with.

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Black Tarantula's fight is observed by Lady Bullseye and he is evaluated by his performance.

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Black Tarantula defeated Iron Fist but stopped White Tiger from killing him, giving the excuse that he did not want the competition.

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Black Tarantula instead saves Foggy's life and then battles White Tiger, attempting to cure her of the Hand's influence.

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When Matt Murdock took over leadership of the Hand, Black Tarantula became Matt Murdock's lieutenant, along with White Tiger.

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Black Tarantula was seen watching the fight between Spider-Man and Scorpion until the Hunter-Bots created by Arcade Industries arrives.

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Black Tarantula possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift up to 25 tons.

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Black Tarantula possesses superhuman speed, reflexes and reactions, agility, and durability of an unquantified degree.

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Black Tarantula has a powerful healing factor on a par with the likes of Wolverine or Deadpool that, combined with his superhuman durability, make him extremely difficult to seriously injure.

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Black Tarantula is able to stimulate the healing process in other people's bodies, though he rarely does this.

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Black Tarantula is able to fire laser-like beams from his eyes, but this drains his physical resources severely, so it is only used as a last resort.

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Black Tarantula is skilled at different forms of martial arts, and has a genius level intellect.

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Black Tarantula made his first appearance in a conflict with the crime lord Canis.

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Black Tarantula's talked Fabian out of committing the act, after which he departed.

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Black Tarantula does have a hidden agenda, however—he hopes to win her over as "his mate".

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Black Tarantula attempted to negotiate with the Cabal of Scriers to call off their hit on Spider-Girl, and when this failed, he challenged their leader to mortal combat for leadership of the Cabal.

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