23 Facts About Bloodscream


Bloodscream is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Bloodscream is a being with traits and abilities that are similar to those of vampires, though he himself is not a vampire.

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Bloodscream later served in Sir Francis Drake's pirate fleet as a naval surgeon between 1577 and 1580.

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Bloodscream sees action during World War II and first encountered the man then known only as Logan, who would later become Wolverine, during the Battle of Normandy, when Wolverine is a corporal of the Canadian Forces.

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Bloodscream properly introduces himself to Wolverine while working in Madripoor as a criminal enforcer with his partner, Roughouse.

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Bloodscream nearly kills one of Wolverine's close friends, Archie Corrigan, managing to scar his chest with a handprint before being interrupted.

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Bloodscream joins her in tracking Wolverine all throughout the high Canadian wilderness and they finally locate him, though both he and Cylla are near death from hunger and fatigue.

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Bloodscream then confronts Wolverine, who is armed with the honor sword of Clan Yashida.

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However, Bloodscream later reappears, and revives the androids Albert and Elsie-Dee, hoping to use them to locate Wolverine.

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Bloodscream later begins working as a mercenary again with Roughouse, the two being hired by villain the Black Tarantula for a time before being defeated and captured by Spider-Man- although they were unaware of this as Spider-Man fought them using his four new identities- exchanging knowledge of the Tarantula's plans for their freedom.

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Already beheaded by Typhoid Mary, Bloodscream is defeated by the appearance of Ant-Man, who destroys Bloodscream's body by growing inside of it.

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However, Ant-Man states Bloodscream would have pulled himself back together, thus urging the Shadow Initiative to evacuate the HYDRA headquarters.

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Bloodscream possesses a variety of superhuman abilities that are reminiscent of those possessed by supernatural vampires, even though he himself is not a true vampire.

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Bloodscream possesses none of the supernatural or mystical vulnerabilities common to true vampires.

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Bloodscream suffers no harm from sunlight, silver, or any other traditional weakness from folklore.

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Bloodscream is able to accomplish either by touching a victim's bare skin.

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Bloodscream is able to transform a dead victim into a mindless, zombie-like being that is forced to do his bidding, though he rarely does so.

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Bloodscream is functionally immortal in the sense that he is immune to the effects of aging and to all known diseases.

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Bloodscream has shown the ability to rapidly heal from physical injury and to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues, similar to Wolverine's mutant healing factor.

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Bloodscream has, in the past, reattached his own head after being decapitated by Wolverine.

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Bloodscream possesses limited shape-shifting powers, able to transform from his 'normal' pale-skinned vampire likeness into a more monstrous form.

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Bloodscream is a good hand-to-hand combatant and has many connections throughout the criminal underworld, adding to his reputation as a mercenary for hire.

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Bloodscream's extended lifespan has granted him great experience in matters of naval warfare and piracy.

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