20 Facts About Brendan Shanahan


Originally drafted by the New Jersey Devils second overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft, Brendan Shanahan played in the NHL with the New Jersey Devils, St Louis Blues, Hartford Whalers, Detroit Red Wings, and New York Rangers.

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In 2017 Brendan Shanahan was named one of the '100 Greatest NHL Players' in history.

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Brendan Shanahan was drafted by the New Jersey Devils second overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft after Pierre Turgeon.

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Brendan Shanahan finished second in team goal-scoring to Brett Hull and third in team point-scoring overall.

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Brendan Shanahan picked up an Olympic gold medal in Salt Lake City with Team Canada and was named to the second NHL All-Star team.

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Brendan Shanahan was carried off on a stretcher and taken to hospital where he was released the next day.

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Brendan Shanahan completed his first season with the Rangers fourth in team scoring with 62 points in 67 games as an alternate captain to Jagr.

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Brendan Shanahan scored the Devils' last pre-season goal that year, on one of his last NHL shifts.

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At the time of his retirement, Brendan Shanahan led active NHL players in Gordie Howe hat tricks with 17.

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Brendan Shanahan said, "I would like to thank my family and all of the friends who have helped me achieve and maintain my childhood dream of playing in the National Hockey League, " Brendan Shanahan said in a news release.

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In December 2009, Brendan Shanahan accepted an offer from the NHL to become the NHL's vice president of hockey and business development.

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Brendan Shanahan spoke at the World Hockey Summit in 2010, and sought to bring the fun back into youth developing skills for the game.

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Brendan Shanahan felt that, "Anytime you can get a kid out on the ice and just make it fun and he is developing and improving without knowing he's developing and improving, and all he cares about is that he is having a great deal of fun out there, that's when you have really locked onto something valuable".

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When handing out rulings on plays that were sent to his office for review, Brendan Shanahan posted videos to the NHL's official Website in which he explained how they either did or did not breach NHL rules.

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Brendan Shanahan narrated all videos except French-language videos involving the Montreal Canadiens or Ottawa Senators; these were narrated by a deputy, Stephane Quintal.

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Brendan Shanahan was brought on to oversee all operations for the hockey club.

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Brendan Shanahan's rebuild of the Maple Leafs has been nicknamed "the Shanaplan" among Maple Leafs fans and he has won praise for the method through which he rebuilt the team, by drafting and developing a young core as opposed to signing older players for a quick fix.

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Brendan Shanahan's father was a firefighter and later Chief of Fire Prevention in the city of Toronto.

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Brendan Shanahan grew up in Mimico, a neighbourhood of Etobicoke, where he attended St Leo's Catholic School and his family attended St Leo's Roman Catholic Church.

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Brendan Shanahan briefly attended Catholic Central High School in London, Ontario, where he graduated.

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