49 Facts About St Louis Blues


St Louis Blues are a professional ice hockey team based in St Louis.

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The Blues compete in the National Hockey League as a member of the Central Division in the Western Conference.

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St Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup in 2019 and have the most Stanley Cup playoff appearances outside of the Original Six.

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St Louis Blues have a rivalry with the Chicago Blackhawks, with whom they have shared a division since 1970.

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St Louis Blues were one of the six teams added to the NHL in the 1967 expansion, along with the Minnesota North Stars, Los Angeles Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and California Seals.

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St Louis was the last of the six expansion teams to gain entry into the League; the market was chosen over Baltimore at the insistence of the Black Hawks owners, James D Norris and Arthur Wirtz.

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Garagnani would never see the St Louis Blues franchise take the ice, as he died from a heart attack on June 19,1967, less than three months before the St Louis Blues played their first preseason game.

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St Louis Blues was replaced by assistant coach Scotty Bowman, who thereafter led the team to a winning record for the rest of the season.

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Ultimately, it was the St Louis Blues who prevailed by winning in seven games each over the Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota North Stars to reach the 1968 Stanley Cup Finals.

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However, St Louis was swept in their first Finals appearance by the heavily favored Montreal Canadiens.

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Under Bowman, the St Louis Blues dominated the West for the next two seasons, becoming the only expansion team to compile a winning record, and they captured division titles by wide margins each year.

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St Louis Blues gave his players cars, signed them to deferred contracts and treated them to vacations in Florida.

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The St Louis Blues would go on to be upset by the North Stars in six games, thus failing to advance past the first round for the first time in franchise history.

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Defensively the St Louis Blues were less than stellar and saw Chicago and the Philadelphia Flyers overtake the Division.

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St Louis Blues saw the Blues as just another money-bleeding division, and put the team on the market.

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Years later, Sutter argued that had the St Louis Blues made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, they would have likely beaten the Canadiens, having won two out of three games against the Habs in the regular season.

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St Louis kept chugging along through the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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Ultimately, Keenan's playoff resume with St Louis included a first-round exit in 1995 and a second-round exit in 1996, and he was fired on December 19,1996.

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St Louis Blues went on to win the Stanley Cup with the Stars the next year, scoring a controversial goal on the Buffalo Sabres' Dominik Hasek to clinch the Cup for Dallas.

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The St Louis Blues ended the 1990s as the only NHL team to make the playoffs for the entire decade, although a Stanley Cup title still eluded the franchise.

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On November 14,2005, the St Louis Blues announced that SCP Worldwide had officially withdrawn from negotiations to buy the team.

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On December 27,2005, it was announced that the St Louis Blues had signed a letter of intent to exclusively negotiate with General Sports and Entertainment, LLC However, after the period of exclusivity, SCP entered the picture again.

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The St Louis Blues are currently the only team in the four major North American sports to be owned by a private equity firm.

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Under new management, the St Louis Blues promptly installed John Davidson as president of hockey operations, moving Pleau to a mostly advisory role.

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On December 11,2006, the St Louis Blues fired head coach Mike Kitchen and replaced him with former Los Angeles Kings head coach Andy Murray.

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Just before the 2007 NHL trade deadline, the St Louis Blues traded several key players, including Bill Guerin, Keith Tkachuk and Dennis Wideman, in exchange for draft picks, though they re-signed Tkachuk after the season ended.

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On October 2,2007, the St Louis Blues finalized the season-starting roster, which included rookies David Perron, Steven Wagner and Erik Johnson.

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St Louis Blues made his debut two days later, wearing number 55 against the Phoenix Coyotes.

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St Louis Blues fired head coach Andy Murray on January 2,2010, after a disappointing record, sitting in 12th place in the Conference.

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The St Louis Blues were swept by the eventual Stanley Cup champions, the Los Angeles Kings, in the following round.

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The St Louis Blues took on the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks in the first-round series.

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The St Louis Blues lost more players as Jay Bouwmeester suffered a season-ending injury, and Jaden Schwartz missed a large portion of the season.

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The St Louis Blues dealt away Paul Stastny to the Winnipeg Jets at the trade deadline for their 1st round pick as they won only 23 games of their remaining 51, but they still had a chance to get into the playoffs on the last day of their season against the Colorado Avalanche.

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Up until that point, the St Louis Blues were the oldest franchise to never win the Stanley Cup; they were the last of the five surviving 1967 expansion teams to win the Cup for the first time.

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On February 12,2020, the St Louis Blues suffered another loss as defenseman Jay Bouwmeester suddenly collapsed on the bench in a game against the Anaheim Ducks, and would not come back to play again in the season.

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The St Louis Blues had remained in strong form throughout the season, finishing first in the Western Conference and second in the NHL.

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On September 2,2020, the St Louis Blues traded goaltender Jake Allen, who had spent ten years in the St Louis Blues organization, to the Montreal Canadiens.

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St Louis Blues are one of the more successful NHL teams in terms of attendance.

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St Louis Blues have worn blue and white jerseys with the famous "Blue Note" crest and gold accents since their inception in 1967.

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From 1967 to 1984, the St Louis Blues jerseys featured a lighter shade of blue along with contrasting shoulder yoke and stripes.

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In 1984, the St Louis Blues drastically redesigned their look, adding red and darkening the shade of blue.

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The St Louis Blues simplified their design, with only the blue note logo on the front; there were no third jerseys for the season.

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The Blues announced plans for a navy third jersey featuring a new logo, with the Gateway Arch with the Blue Note superimposed over it inside a circle with the words "St Louis" above and "Blues" below.

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St Louis Blues medical team is a group of Washington University in St Louis orthopedic specialists from Barnes-Jewish Hospital led by Washington University in St Louis' Chief of Sports Medicine Matthew Matava.

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Indeed, many of the St Louis Blues' players liked the fact that their families could hear the games on KMOX.

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KXOK backed out of the contract after just 2 years, and the St Louis Blues immediately went back to KMOX, who held the rights until 2000.

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The St Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history later that season.

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St Louis Blues presently acknowledge an affiliation with a number of inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Inductees affiliated with the St Louis Blues include 24 former players and seven builders of the sport.

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