6 Facts About British Virgin Islands

1. The British Virgin Islands is one of the world's leading offshore financial centres, and boasts one of the highest incomes per capita in the Caribbean.

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2. In 1984 the British Virgin Islands, trying to recapture some of the lost offshore business, enacted a new form of companies legislation, the International Business Companies Act, under which an offshore company which was exempt from local taxes could be formed.

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3. The first notable uprising in the British Virgin Islands occurred in 1790, and centred on the estates of Isaac Pickering.

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4. The Government of the British Virgin Islands plans to challenge this law, arguing that it violates the Constitutional sovereignty granted to the islands.

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5. The British Virgin Islands is a significant global player in the offshore financial services industry.

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6. The British Virgin Islands introduced sugar cane which was to become the main crop and source of foreign trade, and slaves were brought from Africa to work on the sugar cane plantations.

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