10 Facts About Broad Institute


Eli and Edythe L Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, often referred to as the Broad Institute, is a biomedical and genomic research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

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Broad Institute evolved from a decade of research collaborations among MIT and Harvard scientists.

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Broad Institute has 11 core faculty and 195 associate members from Harvard, MIT, and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

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Broad Institute is made up of three types of organizational units: core member laboratories, research programs, and platforms.

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Broad Institute's platforms are teams of professional scientists who focus on the discovery, development, and optimization of the technological tools that Broad and other researchers use to conduct research.

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Faculty and staff of the Broad Institute include physicians, geneticists, and molecular, chemical, and computational biologists.

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In February 2006, The Broad Institute expanded to a new building at 415 Main Street, adjacent to the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.

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In July 2014, coinciding with the publication of a new study on the genetics of schizophrenia, the Broad Institute received a $650 million gift from the Stanley Family Foundation, one of the largest private gifts ever for scientific research.

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Since 2010, the Broad Institute has been listed on The Boston Globe's Top Places to Work.

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Twenty-eight researchers from Broad Institute have been recognized on ISI's Highly Cited, a database that recognizes the top 250 researchers in multiple areas of science.

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