13 Facts About Brooklyn Museum


Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Museum was founded in 1898 as a division of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and was planned to be the largest art museum in the world.

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Roots of the Brooklyn Museum extend back to the 1823 founding by Augustus Graham of the Brooklyn Apprentices' Library in Brooklyn Heights.

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The original design for the Brooklyn Museum proposed a structure four times as large as what was built from 1893 through 1927, when construction ended.

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Brooklyn Museum changed its name to Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1997, shortly before the start of Arnold L Lehman's term as director.

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Brooklyn Museum has been building a collection of Egyptian artifacts since the beginning of the twentieth century, incorporating both collections purchased from others, such as that of American Egyptologist Charles Edwin Wilbour, whose heirs donated his library to become the museum's Wilbour Library of Egyptology, and objects obtained during museum-sponsored archeological excavations.

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Brooklyn Museum has art objects and historical texts produced by Muslim artists or about Muslim figures and cultures.

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Brooklyn Museum has among others late Gothic and Early Italian Renaissance paintings by Lorenzo di Niccolo, Sano di Pietro, Nardo di Cione, Lorenzo Monaco, Donato de' Bardi ("Saint Jerome"), Giovanni Bellini.

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In 2000, the Brooklyn Museum started the Museum Apprentice Program in which the museum hires teenage high schoolers to give tours in the museum's galleries during the summer, assist with the museum's weekend family programs throughout the year, participate in talks with museum curators, serve as a teen advisory board to the museum, and help plan teen events.

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Brooklyn Museum has posted many pieces to a digital collection online which features a user-based tagging system that allows the public to tag and curate sets of objects online, as well as solicit additional scholarship contributions.

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Brooklyn Museum Education Fellowship Program is a ten-month position in which Fellows acquire theoretical and practical skills to lead K-12 school group visits with a focus on various topics from the collection.

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Brooklyn Museum has received attention for its recent ASK App in which visitors can interface with staff and educators regarding works in the collection through a mobile application downloadable through the Apple and Google application stores.

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Attendance at the Brooklyn Museum has been in decline in recent years, from a high "decades ago" of nearly one million visitors per year to more recent figures of 585, 000 and 326, 000 (2009).

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