17 Facts About Burnley

1. Burnley is a town and the administrative centre of the wider Borough of Burnley in Lancashire, England, with a 2001 population of 73,021.

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2. In 2013, in recognition of its success, Burnley received an Enterprising Britain award from the UK Government, for being the "Most Enterprising Area in the UK".

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3. Name Burnley is believed to have been derived from Brun Lea, meaning "meadow by the River Brun".

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4. Burnley began to develop in this period into a small market town, with a population of not more that 2,000 by 1790.

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5. The first turnpike road through the area now known as Burnley was begun in 1754, linking the town to Blackburn and Colne eventually leading to the area of Brun Lea developing into a town, and by the mid 19th century, there were daily stagecoach journeys to Blackburn, Skipton and Manchester, the latter taking just over two hours.

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6. Arrival of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1796 made possible transportation of goods in bulk, bringing a huge boost to the area's economy and the town of Burnley was born.

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7. In early 1941 a network of five Starfish site bombing decoys were established in the rural areas near Burnley, designed to protect Accrington.

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8. An unexpected benefit of the conflict for the residents of Burnley occurred in 1940.

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9. In 1980 Burnley was connected to the motorway network, through the construction of the first and second sections of the M65.

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10. Burnley was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1861, a Parliamentary Borough returning one member in 1867 and became, under the Local Government Act 1888, a county borough outside the administrative county of Lancashire.

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11. In 2013, Burnley was awarded an Enterprising Britain award from the UK Government for being the 'Most Enterprising Area in the UK'.

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12. Rail services to and from Burnley are provided by Northern.

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13. In 1888, Burnley were one of the 12 founder members of the Football League.

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14. Burnley held greyhound racing and speedway at Towneley Stadium, that existed from 1927 until 1935.

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15. Major bars and nightclubs in Burnley include Panama's, Genesis, Projekt, BB11, Koko's, the Mix, Pharaoh's, The Jungle, Mr Green's, Mojitos, Remedy, Smackwater Jack's Bar, Inside-Out and Sanctuary Rock Bar.

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16. Curzon Street in Burnley was the site of the legendary Angels nightclub.

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17. Burnley was one of seven sites chosen to be part of Channel 4's The Big Art project in which a group of 15 young people from all over the town commissioned artist Greyworld to create a piece of public art.

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