13 Facts About Butterworth Penang


Butterworth Penang was named after William John Butterworth Penang, a former Governor of the Straits Settlements during the mid-19th century.

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Butterworth Penang is home to RMAF Butterworth Penang, a British-built facility, which now functions as a major Royal Malaysian Air Force base.

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Town of Butterworth Penang was named after William John Butterworth Penang, who became the Governor of the Straits Settlements between 1843 and 1855.

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The town of Butterworth Penang only came into being in the British Raj and was concurrently named after the then Governor of the Straits Settlements, William John Butterworth Penang.

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In 1974, the Port of Penang was relocated from George Town to Butterworth, substantially boosting the town's economy.

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At present, the ongoing infrastructure projects within Butterworth include Penang Sentral, which is mooted as the main transportation hub within the State of Penang, and by extension, northern Malaysia.

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Economy of Butterworth is primarily driven by its industries and the maritime trade at the Port of Penang.

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Meanwhile, the Port of Butterworth Penang is the third busiest seaport in Malaysia, handling 1.

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In 1974, the Port of Penang moved its cargo and container operations from George Town on Penang Island to Butterworth.

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Butterworth Penang contains a total of 20 primary schools, nine high schools, a government-run vocational college and three private tertiary institutions.

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Butterworth Penang is served by one private hospital - the Bagan Specialist Centre.

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The Australian squadrons based in Butterworth Penang saw action during the Indonesian Confrontation in the 1960s.

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In 1988, the Butterworth Penang airfield was handed over to the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

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