25 Facts About Cali


Cali hosted the 1992 World Wrestling Championships, the 2013 edition of the World Games, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2014, the World Youth Championships in Athletics in 2015 as well as the inaugural Junior Pan American Games in 2021 and the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships.

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Cali is the shortened form of the official name of the city: Santiago de Cali.

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Santiago de Cali was important for Belalcazar because it was outside the Inca empire.

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Until the 18th century most of the territory of what is Santiago de Cali was occupied by haciendas, and the city was only a small town near the Cali River.

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Santiago de Cali was strategically positioned for trade, centrally located in relation to the mining regions of Antioquia, Choco, and Popayan.

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On 3 July 1810, Santiago de Cali refused to recognize the Council of Regency of Spain, and established its own junta.

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The people from Cali called for help to the "Junta Suprema" in Bogota, which sent a contingent under colonel Antonio Baraya to support the independence cause.

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For mutual defense, Cali formed, with Anserma, Cartago, Toro, Buga and Caloto, the Confederated cities of the Cauca Valley, which declared independence from the Governorate of Popayan on 1 February 1811, although they continued to recognize the absent Ferdinand VII as their head of state.

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In 1971, Santiago de Cali hosted the Pan American Games, an event which is considered by many as the height of the city's golden age as a model of civic orderliness: following it, Cali was named the Sports Capital of Colombia.

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Cali became a focus center of the 2021 Colombian protests, which started on 28 April 2021.

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Cali is located on the Cauca Valley to the west of the Cauca River and to the east of the Western Mountain Range near the hills known as Farallones de Cali.

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Santiago de Cali offers historical areas with cultural variety and other attractions.

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In downtown Cali there are many historic churches such as La Merced and La Ermita.

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Santiago de Cali is served by Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport, located in the City of Palmira.

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City of Cali offers a variety of ways to move through the city; in March 2009, The Masivo Integrado de Occidente began operations.

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Cali is served by over 20 coach companies which gather in the Central Bus Station.

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In 1940, Cali had already ceased to be a single point of trade and its economy was focused on industry.

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Consumer Price Index of Cali has been since the last decade one of the lowest among Colombian cities.

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La "Feria de Cali", known as La Feria de la Cana, is the main cultural event in the city celebrated since 1957.

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Cali is known as the Salsa Capital "Capital de la Salsa" given the city's love for that genre of music.

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Nationally, Cali's athletes compete with Bogota's and Medellin's in most sport tournaments and championships.

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Cali has two main athletic events, a mid-year half marathon.

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Deportivo Cali is the only Colombian football club that owns its stadium, since all other football stadiums in Colombia are government-owned.

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Cali's infrastructure has permitted it to host several major international sports competitions such as the 1971 Pan American Games, numerous Games of the Pacific, the final phase of the 1982 World basketball championship, the 1999 World's Roller Hockey Championships, women's basketball and swimming events, Pan American Speed-Track Cycling Championships, and most recently the World's Roller Speed Skating Championships.

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Cali is the Colombian city having hosted the most Colombian first division finals, with 40 matches being played in the stadium.

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