10 Facts About Capital One

1. In October 2016, Capital One acquired Paribus, a price tracking service, for an undisclosed amount.

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2. In 2015, Capital One acquired General Electric's Healthcare Financial Services unit, which included $8.5 billion in loans made to businesses in the healthcare industry, for $9-billion.

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3. In January 2015, Capital One acquired Level Money, a budgeting app for consumers.

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4. In 2015, Capital One closed several branch locations to leave 174 operating branches in the DC metro area.

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5. In February 2009, Capital One acquired Chevy Chase Bank for $520 million in cash and stock.

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6. In 2013, Capital One paid $3.5 million to settle the case, but was not required to directly address the allegations of wrongdoing.

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7. On June 17, 2009, Capital One completed the repurchase of the stock the company issued to the US Treasury paying a total of US$3.67 billion, resulting in a profit of over $100 million to the US Treasury.

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8. In 2008, Capital One received an investment of US$3.56 billion from the United States Treasury as a result of the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

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9. In 2007, Capital One acquired NetSpend, a marketer of prepaid debit cards, for $700 million.

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10. In 1999, Capital One was looking to expand beyond credit cards.

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