46 Facts About Captain Hook


Captain Hook did not appear in early drafts of the play, wherein the capricious and coercive Peter Pan was closest to a "villain", but was created for a front-cloth scene depicting the children's journey home.

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Wilson, Barrie "openly acknowledged [that] Captain Hook and his obsession with the crocodile was an English version of Ahab", and there are other borrowings from Melville.

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Captain Hook is said to be "Blackbeard's bo'sun" and "the only man of whom Barbecue was afraid".

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In many pantomime performances of Peter Pan, Captain Hook's hair is a wig and is accompanied by thick bushy eyebrows and moustache.

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Captain Hook seeks revenge on Peter Pan for having fed the crocodile his left hand and refuses to leave Neverland prior to this revenge.

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Captain Hook is one of the Disney Villains who have a main focus in the direct-to-video anthology film Once Upon a Halloween.

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Captain Hook's origins are explored in the Disney Fairies film The Pirate Fairy, voiced by Tom Hiddleston.

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Captain Hook made a special guest cameo on Raw Toonage in the episode hosted by Don Karnage, wherein he challenged Karnage to a sword fight for a treasure chest and won.

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Captain Hook appeared frequently on House of Mouse, and its two direct-to-video films Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse and Mickey's House of Villains, being one of the main villains in the last one.

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Captain Hook takes Riku along with him, where Kairi is being held.

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Captain Hook believed that Wendy was a "Princess of Heart" and that is why he captured her.

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Captain Hook later appears in the game series prequel, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, where he tricks Terra into attempting to kill Peter Pan for him.

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An animatronic version of Captain Hook is featured prominently in the Wii game Epic Mickey, wherein he has been converting his crew into animatronic, cyborg version of themselves and is waging an attack against the non-converted pirates.

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Smee requests that Mickey Mouse find a way to save Captain Hook and stop this machine that is turning pirates into Beetleworx.

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In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Captain Hook has disappeared entirely, leaving his crew leaderless and having been run out of Tortooga by Blackbeard and Pete Pan having joined up with the Mad Doctor after losing his purpose.

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Cartoon World's version of Captain Hook appears in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion as the first boss, having fallen under the control of Mizrabel to fight Mickey.

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Captain Hook is a playable character in the world builder game Disney Magic Kingdoms, being a premium character to unlock in the main storyline of the game.

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Captain Hook appears at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as a meetable character along with Mr Smee in Adventureland.

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Captain Hook appears as a figure during the dark ride Peter Pan's Flight.

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At first, Captain Hook's appearance seems to take place for no reason other than to add some action to the show but is revealed to actually be working for Maleficent, who is insulted after not being invited to the party.

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At the Disney Villains Mix and Mingle Halloween Dance Party at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Captain Hook is summoned up by Maleficent along with the other villains, and co-hosts along with her, revealed by him being the only one of the villains besides her to sing and being the villain that dances with her.

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Captain Hook was featured in the Disney on Ice 2013 show 'Let's Party' as part of the Halloween celebration section, which takes the format of a party hosted by Jack Skellington where all the 'main' Disney villains attend and they plan to capture Mickey Mouse to plunge everyone into unhappiness.

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Occasionally, Captain Hook appears in the Scrooge McDuck universe of comic books as the nemesis of Moby Duck, a whaler cousin of Donald Duck.

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Captain Hook has been somewhat depressed since Peter Pan left Neverland to become Peter Banning, and worries he has nothing left to accomplish; he has long since killed the crocodile with a cannon and made a quiet clock tower out of its corpse.

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Captain Hook is successful with Jack, Peter's son, who soon sees Hook as the attentive father figure that Peter has never been, and Hook eventually sees Jack as a potential heir.

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Captain Hook decides to hold Maggie hostage until Peter's failure to rescue her ruins her faith in him.

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Captain Hook wears a ceremonial captain's sword at his side, but uses a proper duelling sword when fighting Rufio and Peter.

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Captain Hook sees himself not as a living person, because he only eats eggs and no longer sleeps there.

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Captain Hook is revealed in the middle of the book to be the old James Hook, who escaped the crocodile, when the muscle contractions of the stomach meant to crush and digest Hook, which broke the vial of poison Hook kept with him at all times.

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The poison killed the crocodile, and Captain Hook used his hook to claw out, but he was mutated by the stomach acid, changing Captain Hook to an uglier man.

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Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth, Captain Hook was the illegitimate son of a nobleman, "Lord B", and an unnamed woman Hook has never met .

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Captain Hook describes many things as first-rate – "Topping Swank", and punctuates his sentences with "The End".

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The narrative expands upon details of Barrie's original play and novel but ascribes James's unusual colouring and yellow blood to a blood disorder, makes James's long dark hair natural, rather than the usual wig, and has James titled "Captain Hook" after murdering the quartermaster of the Sea Witch, rather than in reference to his prosthetic hand.

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The novel, which takes place before the Captain meets Peter Pan, calls Hook "Black Stache" for his prominent moustache, and his ship is called the Sea Devil; he captures the Jolly Roger, originally a British ship called the Wasp, later.

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Captain Hook's hand is cut off not by Peter, but accidentally severed when he slams the lid of a trunk in a fit of rage.

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Captain Hook's personality was far closer to the original character from Barrie's novel.

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Captain Hook has a second hook-hand that both looked and functioned like a crab claw.

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In 1990, Fox produced the television series Peter Pan and the Pirates, wherein Captain Hook's costume was more early 18th century rather than the classic Charles II-Restoration period.

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Captain Hook's personality is closer to Barrie's original character: he terrifies his crew, brutalises his enemies, has no fear, shows great intelligence, and is passionate about William Shakespeare's plays.

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Captain Hook was voiced by Tim Curry, who won an Emmy for this part.

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Captain Hook is introduced as "Jimmy", a fencing teacher and leader of a small group of juvenile pickpockets including Peter Pan with whom he has developed a father-son relationship.

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Captain Hook appears as a regular character in the TV series Once Upon a Time.

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Captain Hook made his first appearance in the second-season episode "The Crocodile".

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Captain Hook's hand is cut off by the dark trickster Rumpelstiltskin as revenge for Hook running away with his wife.

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Twenty years after the events of Disney's Peter Pan movie, Captain Hook is banished on the Isle of the Lost with other villains.

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Captain Hook is played by David Gyasi in the 2020 movie Come Away as CJ, a ruthless pawnbroker and crime lord who is the son of the Mad Hatter, the paternal uncle of Alice and Peter Pan, and the paternal great-uncle of the Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John.

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