12 Facts About Carl Erskine


Carl Erskine was a pitching mainstay on Dodger teams which won five National League pennants, peaking with a 1953 season in which he won 20 games and set a World Series record with 14 strikeouts in a single game.

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Carl Erskine, author of two no-hitters, was a member of the beloved Dodgers team which won the 1955 World Series for the franchise's first Series title.

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Carl Erskine appeared in eleven World Series games, and made the NL All-Star team in 1954.

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From 1951 through 1956, Carl Erskine won 92 games while losing only 58, which helped the Dodgers to four pennants during the "Boys of Summer" era.

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In 1957, Carl Erskine moved to Los Angeles with the team the following year, but lasted only a season and a half.

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Carl Erskine thought movement, location, and change of speed were the keys to getting batters out.

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Carl Erskine had 18 players named to All-Conference teams, and three named as All-American.

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Carl Erskine became a leader in the community, participating in numerous organizations and businesses, including rising to the presidency of the Star Bank of Anderson, Indiana before easing back to the role of vice chairman of the board.

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Carl Erskine is devoted to his son Jimmy, who has Down syndrome and lives at home and holds a job nearby at the Hopewell Center for people with developmental difficulties.

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Carl Erskine donated part of his land to the Anderson Community School System to build a new school, which was named Carl Erskine Elementary.

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Carl Erskine serves as a member of the advisory board of the Baseball Assistance Team, a 501 non-profit organization dedicated to helping former Major League, Minor League, and Negro league players through financial and medical difficulties.

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The Carl and Betty Erskine Society is a designation that raises money for the Special Olympics; Erskine has been involved in the Special Olympics for more than 40 years.

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