19 Facts About Christadelphians


Christadelphians based his new position on a new appreciation for the reign of Christ on David's throne.

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Christadelphians's message was particularly welcomed in Scotland, and Campbellite, Unitarian and Adventist friends separated to form groups of "Baptised Believers".

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Christadelphians believed rather that he had rediscovered 1st century beliefs from the Bible alone, and sought to prove that through a process of challenge and debate and writing journals.

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Christadelphians believe that God, Jehovah, is the creator of all things and the father of true believers, that he is a separate being from his son, Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit is the power of God used in creation and for salvation.

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Christadelphians believe that Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah, in whom the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament find their fulfilment.

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Christadelphians believe that he will return to the Earth in person to set up the Kingdom of God in fulfilment of the promises made to Abraham and David.

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For Christadelphians, this is the focal point of the gospel taught by Jesus and the apostles.

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Christadelphians believe that the Satan or Devil is not an independent spiritual being or fallen angel.

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Christadelphians believe that people are separated from God because of their sins but that humankind can be reconciled to him by becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Christadelphians believe that the Kingdom will be centred upon Israel, but Jesus Christ will reign over all the other nations on the Earth.

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Some unorthodox Christadelphians believe that the Kingdom itself is not worldwide but limited to the land of Israel promised to Abraham and ruled over in the past by David, with a worldwide empire.

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The majority of Christadelphians today belong to what is commonly known as the Central Fellowship.

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The majority of Christadelphians believe that the judgement will include anyone who had sufficient knowledge of the gospel message, and is not limited to baptised believers.

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Christadelphians reject a number of doctrines held by many other Christians, notably the immortality of the soul, trinitarianism, the personal pre-existence of Christ, the baptism of infants, the personhood of the Holy Spirit, the divinity of Jesus and the present-day possession of the Holy Spirit .

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Christadelphians do not believe that anyone will "go to Heaven" upon death.

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Christadelphians believe the doctrines they reject were introduced into Christendom after the 1st century in large part through exposure to pagan Greek philosophy, and cannot be substantiated from the Biblical texts.

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Christadelphians are organised into local congregations, that commonly call themselves ecclesias, which is taken from usage in the New Testament and is Greek for gathering of those summoned.

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Christadelphians understand the Bible to teach that male and female believers are equal in God's sight, and that there is a distinction between the roles of male and female members.

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Christadelphians refuse to participate in any military because they are conscientious objectors .

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