63 Facts About Christopher Lee

1. Christopher Lee was made a Knight Bachelor "For services to Drama and to Charity" on 13 June as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2009.

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2. Christopher Lee was the subject of the BBC's This Is Your Life in 1974, where he was surprised by Eamonn Andrews.

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3. Christopher Lee was honoured by the Academy at the 88th Academy Awards on 28 February 2016 in the annual In Memoriam section.

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4. Christopher Lee was cremated and his ashes were scattered on the Surrey Hills in Surrey, England.

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5. Christopher Lee died at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 7 June 2015 at 8:30 am after being admitted for respiratory problems and heart failure, shortly after celebrating his 93rd birthday.

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6. Christopher Lee described Michael Howard as "the ideal person to lead the party" in 2003, and supported William Hague and David Cameron.

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7. Christopher Lee was introduced to Danish painter and former model Birgit "Gitte" Krøncke by a Danish friend in 1960.

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8. Christopher Lee was engaged for a time in the late 1950s to Henriette von Rosen, whom he had met at a nightclub in Stockholm.

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9. Christopher Lee was inspired to record the latter songs because, "as far as I am concerned, Don Quixote is the most metal fictional character that I know".

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10. Christopher Lee worked with Manowar while they were recording a new version of their first album, Battle Hymns.

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11. Christopher Lee introduced American classic radio mystery, sci-fi and detective programs in a series produced, written and directed by Carl Amari.

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12. Christopher Lee reprised his role as Count Dooku in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008 animated film, but Corey Burton took his place for the character in the TV series.

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13. Christopher Lee served as the narrator on The Nightmare Before Christmas' poem, written by Tim Burton as well.

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14. Christopher Lee narrated and sang for the Danish musical group The Tolkien Ensemble, taking the role of Treebeard, King Theoden and others in the readings or singing of their respective poems or songs.

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15. Christopher Lee reprised his role as Saruman in the video game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth along with the other actors of the films.

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16. Christopher Lee provided all the voices for the English dub of Monsieur Hulot's Holiday.

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17. Christopher Lee narrated an advertising campaign for Age UK, reading a poem by Roger McGough.

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18. Christopher Lee appeared in a web exclusive, reading an excerpt from the short story The Final Problem.

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19. Christopher Lee narrated the feature-length documentary Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics, which was released on 25 October 2013.

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20. In 2012, Christopher Lee marked his fifth and final collaboration with Tim Burton, by appearing in Burton's film adaptation of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, in the small role of a New England fishing captain.

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21. Christopher Lee said he worked on his role for the films over the course of four days, portraying Saruman as a kind and noble wizard, before his subsequent fall into darkness, as depicted in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

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22. On 11 January 2011, Christopher Lee announced on his website that he would be reprising the role of Saruman for the prequel film The Hobbit.

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23. Christopher Lee appears as the unnamed "Old Gentleman" who acts as Lachlan's mentor in a flashback.

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24. Christopher Lee had to undergo surgery, and as a result, he was unable to play the role of Sir Lachlan Morrison in The Wicker Tree, the sequel to The Wicker Man.

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25. Christopher Lee won the "Spirit of Metal" award in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2010.

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26. Christopher Lee was one of the favourite actors of Tim Burton, and became a regular in many of Burton's films, working for the director five times, starting in 1999, where he had a small role as the Burgomaster in the film Sleepy Hollow.

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27. In 1998, Christopher Lee starred in the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of modern Pakistan, in the film Jinnah.

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28. Christopher Lee sings on two tracks in the film, written by Richard O'Brien (who had written The Rocky Horror Picture Show seven years previously) and Richard Hartley.

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29. Christopher Lee appeared in The Return of Captain Invincible, a comedy-musical film.

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30. In 1978, Christopher Lee surprised many people with his willingness to go along with a joke, by appearing as guest host on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

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31. In 1977, Christopher Lee left Britain for the US, concerned at being typecast in horror films, as had happened to his close friends Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

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32. Christopher Lee appeared on the cover of the Wings album Band on the Run, along with others including chat show host Michael Parkinson, singer Kenny Lynch, film actor James Coburn, world boxing champion John Conteh, and broadcaster Clement Freud.

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33. Christopher Lee said of his performance, "In Fleming's novel he's just a West Indian thug, but in the film he's charming, elegant, amusing, lethal.

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34. Christopher Lee finally got to play a James Bond villain in The Man with the Golden Gun, in which he was cast as the deadly assassin Francisco Scaramanga.

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35. Christopher Lee enthusiastically accepted, but by the time Fleming told the producers, they had already chosen Joseph Wiseman for the role.

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36. Christopher Lee appeared in the sequel film The Four Musketeers, which was actually shot at the same time.

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37. Christopher Lee was a producer of the horror film Nothing But the Night, in which he starred.

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38. Christopher Lee met with screenwriter Anthony Shaffer, and they agreed to work together.

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39. Christopher Lee wanted to break free of his image as Dracula and take on more interesting acting roles.

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40. Christopher Lee auditioned for a part in the film The Longest Day, but was turned down because he did not "look like a military man".

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41. Christopher Lee considers this film to be the reason he stopped being typecast: "I've never been typecast since.

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42. Christopher Lee starred in two further Dracula films for Hammer in the early 1970s, both of which attempted to bring the character into the modern-day era.

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43. Christopher Lee accepted a similar role in an Italian-French horror picture called Uncle Was a Vampire.

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44. Christopher Lee said in 2006, "I was cast in various roles in 16 of them and even appeared with Buster Keaton and it proved an excellent training ground.

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45. Christopher Lee appeared uncredited in the American epic Quo Vadis, which was shot in Rome, playing a chariot driver and was injured when he was thrown from it at one point during the shoot.

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46. Christopher Lee had a single line, "a satirical shaft meant to qualify the lead's bravura".

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47. Christopher Lee finally made his film debut in Terence Young's Gothic romance Corridor of Mirrors.

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48. Christopher Lee was sent to see Josef Somlo for a contract, who immediately announced that he was "much too tall to be an actor".

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49. Christopher Lee mentioned that during the war he was attached to the Special Operations Executive and the Long Range Desert Group, the precursor of the SAS, but always declined to go into details.

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50. Christopher Lee took part in forward planning and liaison, in preparation for a potential assault into the rumoured German Alpine Fortress.

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51. In November 1944, Christopher Lee was promoted to flight lieutenant and left the squadron in Iesi to take up a posting at Air Force HQ.

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52. Christopher Lee spent most of this time with the Gurkhas of the 8th Indian Infantry Division during the Battle of Monte Cassino.

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53. Christopher Lee was then seconded to the Army during an officer's swap scheme.

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54. Christopher Lee was then attached to No 205 Group RAF before being commissioned as a pilot officer at the end of January 1943, and attached to No 260 Squadron RAF as an intelligence officer.

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55. Christopher Lee was then promoted to leading aircraftman and moved to Durban in South Africa, before travelling to Suez on the Nieuw Amsterdam.

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56. Christopher Lee was moved around to different flying stations before being posted to Southern Rhodesia's capital, Salisbury, in December 1941.

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57. Christopher Lee reported to RAF Uxbridge for training and was then posted to the Initial Training Wing at Paignton.

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58. Christopher Lee worked as an office clerk for United States Lines, taking care of the mail and running errands.

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59. Christopher Lee continued acting in school plays, though "the laurels deservedly went to Patrick Macnee".

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60. Christopher Lee died from complications of respiratory problems and heart failure on the morning of 7 June 2015, aged 93.

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61. Christopher Lee was honoured with the "Spirit of Metal" award at the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards ceremony.

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62. Christopher Lee considered his best performance to be that of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the biopic Jinnah, and his best film to be the British cult film The Wicker Man (1973).

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63. Christopher Lee was knighted for services to drama and charity in 2009, received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011, and received the BFI Fellowship in 2013.

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