10 Facts About CKE Restaurants


CKE Restaurants Holdings is an American fast food corporation and is the parent organization for the Carl's Jr.

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CKE Restaurants is a subsidiary of the private equity firm, Roark Capital Group, and is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

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In October 2020, CKE Restaurants operated or franchised to locations in 44 US states and 43 foreign countries and US territories.

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In March 2002, CKE Restaurants purchased Santa Barbara Restaurant Group and acquired direct ownership of the Green Burrito brand as part of the sale.

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However, CKE Restaurants was, instead, acquired by Columbia Lake Acquisition Holdings, an affiliate of Apollo Management VII in July 2010, after CKE accepted a $693.

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CKE Restaurants conducts an annual Stars for Heroes in-store fundraising campaign by soliciting donations from customers at both Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

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In July 2016 CKE Restaurants announced that it will work to ensure that its pork supply is purchased from suppliers who use group housing methods for pigs.

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Humane Society has stated in its Scorecard that while CKE Restaurants has many animal welfare policies, for the most part, they fall short of meaningfully addressing the most pressing concerns.

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One area where CKE Restaurants is doing well is with regard to plant-based proteins, having added, tested and nationally promoted several options.

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One of the ongoing criticisms surrounding CKE Restaurants is their animal welfare policy, especially concerning eggs.

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