13 Facts About Hardee's


Hardee's Restaurants LLC is an American fast-food restaurant chain operated by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc with locations primarily in the Southern and Midwestern United States.

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Hardee's has evolved through several corporate ownerships since its establishment in 1961 in North Carolina.

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Around this same time, Hardee's began an expansion into the mid-Atlantic states, notably Southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

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Hardee's was purchased by Canadian company Imasco Limited in 1981.

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In July 2015, Hardee's announced that it would be offering The All-Natural Burger, which launched at sister-chain Carl's Jr.

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In January 2007, Hardee's had a challenge filed against it with the U S Patents and Trademarks Office by River West Brands, LLC of Chicago for the use of the Burger Chef trademark and name.

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Shortly thereafter, Hardee's reissued the Burger Chef Big Shef sandwich in Terre Haute, Indiana, as a trial offering and later in additional Indiana markets and Dayton, Ohio for a limited time.

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New Hardee's logo was unveiled in 2006 that featured script lettering and retained the iconic Happy Star, further unifying the Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

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Hardee's marketed special Super Bowl celebratory pins in the early 1990s.

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For Hardee's, it started the Tastes Like America campaign with music by Big Wet.

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Many international Hardee's franchises are located in countries in the Middle East and Pakistan, most being owned and operated by Americana Group.

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Hardee's opened a store in South Korea in 1990, but it pulled in 2004, due to poor performance.

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Hardee's used to operate in Hong Kong, but it pulled out in 2006, due to licensing issues with its US parent.

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