9 Facts About Curtis Stone

1. In October 2010 it was announced that Curtis Stone had created recipes for in-flight meals for United Airlines.

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2. In 2010, Curtis Stone gave a cooking class and demonstration at the Singapore Sun Festival.

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3. In 2015, Curtis Stone made an appearance on the second season of Celebrity Family Feud.

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4. In 2011, Curtis Stone described to GQ Australia his relationship with big supermarkets: "I never even thought about working for a supermarket.

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5. In January 2012, Bravo announced Curtis Stone would co-host a new culinary reality show called Around the World in 80 Plates with fellow celebrity chef Cat Cora.

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6. In 2011, Curtis Stone became host of the third season of Bravo's Top Chef Masters, replacing Kelly Choi.

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7. On the same day, Curtis Stone was co-host of "Miss USA 2010", which was won by "Rima Fakih" from Dearborn, Michigan.

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8. On 14 January 2011, Curtis Stone co-hosted the fourth hour of Today with Hoda Kotb.

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9. On 1 February 2014, Curtis Stone opened his first restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills, California.

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