7 Facts About Dallas Texas

1. The city of Dallas Texas has a higher than average percentage of households without a car.

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2. The city of Dallas Texas operates WRR 101.1 FM, the area's main classical music station, from city offices in Fair Park.

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3. In 1935, Dallas Texas purchased 36 acres from John Cole's estate to develop Reverchon Park.

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4. The Dallas Texas Wings is the first Women's National Basketball Association franchise in the metroplex.

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5. The Los Angeles-class submarine USS Dallas Texas was planned to become a museum ship near the Trinity River after her decommissioning in September 2014, but this has since been delayed.

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6. The oldest mosque in Dallas Texas is Masjid Al-Islam just south of Downtown.

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7. The oldest mosque in Dallas Texas is in Denton, about 40 miles north of Downtown Dallas.

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