33 Facts About Dark Beast


Dark Beast, known as the Black Beast, is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Dark Beast was one of many characters to escape the Age of Apocalypse reality to the regular Marvel Universe, where he continued his unethical experiments.

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Dark Beast first appeared in X-Men: Alpha and was created by Scott Lobdell and Roger Cruz.

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Besides being one of the creators of the Infinites, the Dark Beast experimented on Blink, Jamie Madrox, Impossible Man, merged all of the Power siblings into one hideous creature, created Tiger Shark, made Nemesis into Holocaust following his defeat at the hands of Magneto, and was responsible for the creation of Holocaust's lead hunter Wolverine.

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Dark Beast was believed to have died due to Quicksilver's interference in his set trajectory.

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Dark Beast soon met a young Emma Frost, who helped him to regain some of his scattered memories.

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The Dark Beast then set base in Manhattan's subway tunnels, and was responsible for the creation of the Morlocks.

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Dark Beast later kidnapped the real Beast and kept him a prisoner behind a brick wall.

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Dark Beast infiltrated the X-Men in his place by altering his appearance to match the real McCoy's fur color, although he occasionally found himself at risk of discovery due to Hank possessing a broader range of knowledge than himself, requiring him to bluff his way through some of the questions he was asked.

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Dark Beast helped keep up the ruse by slaying many of Hank's childhood friends and teachers, although he found himself unable to kill Hank's parents.

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The Dark Beast was able to keep up his ruse until the Onslaught Saga, during which the Dark Beast joined Onslaught.

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Dark Beast had a few run-ins with Generation X and Gene Nation.

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Right before House of M, the Dark Beast was in Genosha where he joined Xavier's team after being offered parole.

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Dark Beast then carries the dying boy's body back to the house, suggesting that they should try one of the girls next.

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Osborn is not impressed with the test results of the Omega Machine and wants Dark Beast to make sure the machine works in removing powers from mutants, not killing them.

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Dark Beast continues to experiment with his Omega Machine, using Beast as his key test subject.

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Dark Beast is then attacked and stabbed multiple times by both Wolverine and Warpath.

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Dark Beast recovered quickly from his injuries suffered by the hands of Wolverine and Warpath as he was sent by Norman Osborn as well as Mimic, Weapon Omega and Mystique under Jean Grey's form, to investigate the cause of several inhabitants of a small town to dream-walk and continuously repeat "I'm an X-Man".

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Dark Beast has since returned to the Morlock's Tunnels after the fall of Norman Osborn.

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Dark Beast was able to capture the Lizard and began developing a means of enhancing the Lizard's control of the reptilian parts of the human brain in order to turn human beings into humanoid lizards.

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Dark Beast had been abducting victims of bullying or abuse from the streets, until the X-Men and Spider-Man found his base.

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Dark Beast then released the now fully evil Dark Angel from his prison and helped him form an army to destroy Earth.

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Dark Beast is soon approached by the AoA version of Nightcrawler, who wants to return to their home dimension.

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Dark Beast was the one to infect Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Magneto and Colossus with nano-sentinels, which is the reason for their broken powers after the incident with the Phoenix Force.

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Dark Beast's body has been so weak after experimenting on himself, that he needed a life support suit, so after a short battle his suit was eventually punctured, and he set a bomb that caused his apparent death.

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Dark Beast is shown to have set up a laboratory under an outhouse somewhere in the mutant nation of New Tian following Hydra's takeover.

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Dark Beast continued to profess his ignorance even when tortured by Quake and Karnak.

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Dark Beast was eventually defeated and held prisoner at Harry's basement.

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Dark Beast has the same superhuman abilities and intelligence as the main Marvel Universe's Beast before he underwent his secondary mutation.

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However, Dark Beast was not physically as powerful as his counterpart was in the normal Marvel continuity as he did not train on a regular basis, being hampered by the fact that he is 20 years older than the main universe's Beast.

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An alternate Dark Beast is seen in the X-Men: Endangered Species story-line alongside Brute of the Mutant X reality.

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Dark Beast is shown to have Doctor Nemesis as his assistant in his experiments, unaware that Doctor Nemesis has been tampering with a sample of the Legacy Virus.

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Dark Beast is featured as an Age of Apocalypse alternate uniform for Beast in Marvel Future Fight.

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