11 Facts About Daytona Cubs


Daytona Cubs did not have professional baseball for five years after the move.

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Negotiations to bring the Cubs to Daytona Beach went on for a couple of months and were completed just in time to start the new season.

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Daytona Cubs opened their first season on the road, sweeping the Vero Beach Dodgers, two games to zero.

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Daytona Cubs reached an agreement with the Cincinnati Reds following the 2014 season, and announced the team would be rebranded with a new name with a "local angle" in 2015.

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The Daytona Cubs paid another visit to Melching Field on June 20,2007, when they played a double-header against the Palm Beach Cardinals.

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Daytona Cubs is joined by Shelly, a female turtle who supports the Tortugas' involvement in the community and is Shelldon's girlfriend.

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In 1994, the Daytona Cubs hired Benedict Advertising, a local marketing firm, to develop a new logo.

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Daytona Cubs had brown fur and wore the same style of uniform as the team, but wearing his hat backwards.

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Since 2011, the Daytona Cubs Tortugas have enjoyed a radio partnership with "The Great Voice of Volusia County", AM 1230 and AM 1490 WSBB, to broadcast all the home and away games on the stations.

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Some Daytona Cubs players have distinguished themselves in the Florida State League.

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Many Daytona Cubs players have advanced to play in the major leagues.

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