11 Facts About Delta variant


The Delta variant was named on 31 May 2021 and had spread to over 179 countries by 22 November 2021.

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Delta variant has mutations in the gene encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein causing the substitutions D614G, T478K, P681R and L452R.

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Amino acid mutations of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant plotted on a genome map of SARS-CoV-2 with a focus on Spike.

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Surveillance data from the U S, Germany and the Netherlands indicates the Delta variant is growing by about a factor of 4 every two weeks with respect to the Alpha variant.

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Preprint found that the viral load in the first positive test of infections with the Delta variant was on average ~1000 times higher than with compared infections during 2020.

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Canadian study released on 5 October 2021 revealed that the Delta variant caused a 108 percent rise in hospitalization, 235 percent increase in ICU admission, and a 133 percent surge in death compared to other variants.

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Canada's first confirmed case of the Delta variant was identified in Quebec on 21 April 2021, and later the same day 39 cases of the Delta variant were identified in British Columbia.

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The Delta variant has been identified as a super-spreader and has led to the lockdowns of five cities, an area which accounts for almost two-thirds of the country's population.

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On 29 April 2021, health officials from Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare reported that the Delta variant had been detected in three samples dating back to March 2021.

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The Delta variant had brought upon the country's largest outbreak to date, after mostly successful containment measures throughout 2020.

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However within a few months the Delta variant was listed as a previously circulated variant with countries such as Australia going 12 weeks without any detections of Delta.

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