17 Facts About Dollar Tree

1. Brock and the co-founders of Dollar Tree got the idea for the company from another retailer known as Everything's A Dollar, which went bankrupt in the 1990s.

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2. In 1998, Dollar Tree acquired 98-Cent Clearance Centers in California.

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3. In 1999, Dollar Tree acquired Only $One stores based in New York.

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4. In 2000, Dollar Tree acquired Dollar Express, a Philadelphia-based company, and built a new distribution center in Stockton, California.

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5. In 2003, Dollar Tree acquired Salt Lake City, Utah-based Greenbacks, Inc.

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6. In 2004, Dollar Tree opened its first store in North Dakota which marked its operation of stores in all 48 contiguous states.

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7. In 2006, Dollar Tree celebrated its 20th year of retailing at a $1.00 price point, opened its 3,000th store, and acquired 138 DEAL$ stores, previously owned by SUPERVALU INC.

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8. In 2007, Dollar Tree expanded its Briar Creek Distribution Center and crossed the $4 billion sales threshold.

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9. In 2008, Dollar Tree earned a place in the Fortune 500.

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10. In 2009, Dollar Tree redesigned its website with a new e-commerce platform.

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11. Dollar Tree added customer ratings and reviews, and customer stories to the site.

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12. In 2011, Dollar Tree achieved total sales of $6.63 billion, opened 278 new stores, and completed a 400,000 square feet expansion of its distribution center in Savannah, Georgia.

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13. In 2012, Dollar Tree opened another 345 new stores and exceeded $7 billion in sales, with an end-of-the-year market cap at $9.13 billion.

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14. On July 28, 2014, Dollar Tree announced that it was offering $9.2 billion for the purchase of competitor chain store Family Dollar.

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15. In January 2015, Dollar Tree announced plans to divest 300 stores in order to appease US regulators scrutinizing its proposed takeover of Family Dollar stores.

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16. In March 2019, as part of its reposition plan, Dollar Tree announced that it will close up to 390 Family Dollar stores along with renovating 1,000 other locations.

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17. On October 11, 2010, Dollar Tree announced its acquisition of Dollar Giant, originally incorporated in 2001 in Vancouver, Canada, for $52 million.

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