19 Facts About Eileen Farrell


Eileen Farrell was an American soprano who had a nearly 60-year-long career performing both classical and popular music in concerts, theatres, on radio and television, and on disc.

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Eileen Farrell's career was mainly based in the United States, although she did perform internationally.

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Eileen Farrell continued to perform and record both classical and popular music throughout her career, and is credited for releasing the first successful crossover album: I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues.

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Eileen Farrell was active as a voice teacher, both privately and for nine years at Indiana University.

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Eileen Farrell's parents were vaudeville singers who had performed under the name 'The Singing O'Farrells' prior to having children.

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When Eileen Farrell was five years old, her family moved back to Willimantic.

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The family remained in Norwich for almost the next 10 years, with Eileen Farrell completing her freshman year of high school at Norwich Free Academy in 1935.

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Eileen Farrell received her early vocal training from her parents during her childhood.

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Eileen Farrell later was a student of vocal and opera coach Eleanor McLellan, whom she credited for giving her a solid technique.

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Eileen Farrell was a regular guest on Andre Kostelanetz's The Pause That Refreshes and Bernard Herrmann's Invitation to Music.

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Eileen Farrell made appearances on The Bell Telephone Hour, The Prudential Family Hour, Songs of the Centuries, and Your Hit Parade among others.

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Eileen Farrell made her Metropolitan Opera debut on December 6,1960, singing the title role in Gluck's Alceste.

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Eileen Farrell was equally at home singing pop material and opera.

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Eileen Farrell recorded four albums of popular music for Columbia Records: I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues, Here I Go Again, This Fling Called Love and Together with Love.

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From 1971 to 1980, Eileen Farrell was professor of music at the Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington.

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Eileen Farrell made several recordings of blues music late in her career, as well as a well-received duet with Frank Sinatra on his Trilogy album, in which they sang a version of the country music hit "For the Good Times".

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Eileen Farrell's first was for the Audiophile label called With Much Love.

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Eileen Farrell later recorded several albums for the Reference label that were well received.

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Eileen Farrell was married to a New York Police Department officer, Robert Reagan, with whom she maintained homes in the Grymes Hill and Emerson Hill areas of Staten Island, New York.

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