47 Facts About Elvis Costello

1. Elvis Costello performed the title track of the Charles Mingus tribute collection, Weird Nightmare.

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2. Elvis Costello has interviewed one of his own influences, Joni Mitchell, and appeared on the release A Tribute to Joni Mitchell performing "Edith and the Kingpin".

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3. Elvis Costello has written several pieces for the magazine Vanity Fair, including the summary of what a perfect weekend of music would be.

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4. Elvis Costello is a music fan and, in print, often champions the works of others.

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5. In February 2010, Elvis Costello appeared in the live cinecast of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, singing some of his own songs, and participating in many of the show's other musical and acting performances.

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6. In December 2009, Elvis Costello portrayed The Shape on the album Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a collaboration between rock singer John Mellencamp and novelist Stephen King.

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7. In 2008, Elvis Costello collaborated with Fall Out Boy on the track "What a Catch, Donnie" from their album Folie a Deux.

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8. In late 2005 Elvis Costello performed with Allen Toussaint in New York City at some Hurricane Katrina Relief Concerts and produced the studio album, "The River in Reverse.

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9. In 2000, Elvis Costello wrote lyrics to "Green Song", a solo cello piece by Svante Henryson; this song appears on the Anne Sofie von Otter album For the Stars.

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10. In 1987, Elvis Costello began a songwriting collaboration with Paul McCartney.

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11. Elvis Costello has performed at a benefit concert for the Seva Foundation.

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12. Elvis Costello has donated his time working with the Jazz Foundation of America to save the homes and the lives of America's elderly jazz and blues musicians, including musicians who survived Hurricane Katrina.

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13. Elvis Costello sits on the Advisory Board of the Board of Directors of the Jazz Foundation of America.

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14. In July 2018, Elvis Costello cancelled the remaining six dates of his European tour on doctor's orders, while recovering from surgery to treat cancer.

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15. On 25 May 2005, Elvis Costello was due to take the stage with his band at a gig in Norwich, which clashed with Liverpool appearing in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final against AC Milan.

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16. Elvis Costello is a keen football fan, supporting Premier League football club Liverpool FC.

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17. In January 2013, Elvis Costello teamed up with Paul McCartney to create an ad campaign backing vegetarian foods produced by the Linda McCartney Foods brand.

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18. Elvis Costello became engaged to piano-vocalist Diana Krall in May 2003, and married her at the home of Elton John on 6 December that year.

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19. In 1985, Elvis Costello became involved with Cait O'Riordan, then the bassist of the London Irish group the Pogues, while he was producing the Pogues' album Rum Sodomy and the Lash.

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20. On October 12, 2018, Elvis Costello released the album Look Now, which was recorded with The Imposters and features three songs co-written with Burt Bacharach.

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21. In 2011, Elvis Costello appeared as himself on Sesame Street to perform a song with Elmo and Cookie Monster, titled "Monster Went and Ate My Red 2", a play on Red Shoes".

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22. Elvis Costello released the album National Ransom in autumn of 2010.

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23. On 15 May 2010, Elvis Costello announced he would withdraw from a concert performed in Israel in opposition to Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

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24. In May 2009, Elvis Costello made a surprise cameo appearance on-stage at the Beacon Theater in New York as part of Spinal Tap's Unwigged and Unplugged show, singing their fictional 1965 hit "Gimme Some Money" with the band backing him up.

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25. Elvis Costello was featured on Fall Out Boy's 2008 album Folie a Deux, providing vocals on the track "What a Catch, Donnie", along with other artists who are friends with the band.

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26. In July 2008, Elvis Costello appeared in his home city Liverpool where he was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Liverpool.

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27. Elvis Costello played a homecoming gig at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on 25 June 2006.

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28. In September 2004, Elvis Costello released the album The Delivery Man, recorded in Oxford, Mississippi, on Lost Highway Records, and it was hailed as one of his best.

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29. Elvis Costello turned to older songs to reflect the national malaise at the time.

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30. On 12 March 2003, Elvis Costello filled in for David Letterman on the Late Show with David Letterman for the evening while Letterman was recovering from an eye infection.

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31. Elvis Costello released the album When I Was Cruel in 2002 on Island Records, and toured with a new band, the Imposters.

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32. Elvis Costello produced and appeared on an album of pop songs for the classical singer Anne Sofie von Otter.

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33. In 2001, Elvis Costello was artist-in-residence at UCLA and wrote the music for a new ballet.

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34. In 1999, Elvis Costello contributed a version of "She", released in 1974 by Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer, for the soundtrack of the film Notting Hill, with Trevor Jones producing.

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35. In 1998, Elvis Costello signed a multi-label contract with Polygram Records, sold by its parent company the same year to become part of the Universal Music Group.

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36. In 1993, Elvis Costello experimented with classical music with a critically acclaimed collaboration with the Brodsky Quartet on The Juliet Letters.

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37. Elvis Costello would continue to work with Attraction Pete Thomas as a session musician for future releases.

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38. Elvis Costello co-produced Squeeze's popular 1981 album East Side Story and performed backing vocals on the group's hit "Tempted".

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39. In January 1981, Elvis Costello released Trust amidst growing tensions within the Attractions, particularly between Bruce and Pete Thomas.

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40. Elvis Costello is an avid country music fan and has cited George Jones as his favourite country singer.

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41. Elvis Costello found time in 1979 to produce the debut album for the 2 Tone ska revival band the Specials and worked as a backing vocalist on 'This Is Your Life', an album by New Wave band Twist.

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42. Elvis Costello released his first major hit single, "Watching the Detectives", which was recorded with Steve Nieve and the pair of Steve Goulding and Andrew Bodnar (bass), both members of Graham Parker's backing band the Rumour.

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43. Elvis Costello failed to chart with his early singles, which included "Less Than Zero" and the ballad "Alison".

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44. Elvis Costello was signed to independent label Stiff Records on the basis of a demo tape.

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45. Elvis Costello continued to write songs and began looking for a solo recording contract.

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46. Elvis Costello worked for a short period as a computer operator at the Midland Bank computer centre in Bootle.

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47. Elvis Costello was born on 25 August 1954 at St Mary's Hospital, London, and is of Irish descent on his father's side.

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