30 Facts About EMI Music


Citigroup's ownership was temporary, as EMI announced in November 2011 that it would sell its music arm to Vivendi's Universal Music Group for $1.

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In October 1979, EMI Music merged with Thorn Electrical Industries to create Thorn EMI Music.

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EMI Music was killed in 1942 whilst conducting flight trials on an experimental H2S radar set.

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In 1973 EMI Music was awarded a prestigious Queen's Award for Technological Innovation for what was then called the EMI Music scanner, and in 1979 Hounsfield won the Nobel Prize for his accomplishment.

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However, EMI Music was forced to sell Columbia USA due to anti-trust action taken by its American competitors.

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EMI Music retained the rights to the Columbia name in most other territories including the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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In 1990, following a series of major takeovers that saw CBS Records acquired by the Sony Corporation of Japan, EMI sold its remaining rights to the Columbia name to Sony and the label is operated exclusively throughout the world by Sony Music Entertainment; except in Japan where the trade mark is owned by Columbia Music Entertainment.

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EMI Music released its first LPs in 1952 and its first stereophonic recordings in 1955 .

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In 1967, while shifting their pop and rock music roster to Columbia and Parlophone, EMI converted HMV solely to a classical music label exclusively.

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In February 1979, EMI Music Ltd acquired United Artists Records and with it their subsidiary labels Liberty Records and Imperial Records.

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Six months after completing the buyout of Chrysalis, Thorn EMI bought Virgin Records from Richard Branson in one of its highest-profile and most expensive acquisitions in record music history.

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In 1992, Thorn EMI entered the Christian music market by acquiring Sparrow Records.

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On 21 November 2000, Streamwaves and EMI signed a deal licensing EMI's catalogue in a digital format for their online streaming music service.

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On 2 April 2007, EMI announced it would be releasing its music in DRM-free formats.

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In May 2006, EMI attempted to buy Warner Music Group, which would have reduced the world's four largest record companies to three; however, the bid was rejected.

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Warner Music Group launched a Pac-Man defense, offering to buy EMI.

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In 2008, EMI Music withdrew from the South-East Asian market entirely, forcing its large roster of acts to search out contracts with other unaffiliated labels.

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The Philippine branch of EMI Music changed its name to PolyEast Records, and was a joint venture between EMI Music itself and Pied Piper Records Corporation.

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Meanwhile, the Korean branch of EMI had its physical releases distributed by Warner Music Korea.

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On 12 November 2011, it was announced that EMI would sell its recorded music operations to Universal Music Group for £1.

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On 30 June 2014, Universal Music Group re-established EMI's Taiwanese division, with A-Mei, Rainie Yang and Show Lo signing first to the label.

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In May 2016, an independent company, Blue Raincoat EMI Music, bought most of Chrysalis's British catalogue from Warner EMI Music, making Chrysalis an independent label again.

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In 1964 EMI Music acquired Blackpool Tower from the Bickerstaffe family.

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In 1967, EMI Music acquired the Grade Organisation, the UK's largest showbusiness talent agency, for £7.

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EMI Music Films was created in 1969 following the acquisition of Associated British Picture Corporation .

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On formation, EMI Music Cinemas ran 272 cinemas in the UK, including those of ABC.

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In 1972 EMI Music Hotels won a bidding war against Ralston Purina to buy the Golden Egg group from the Kaye brothers for £14 million, which included a stake in Angus Steakhouse restaurants and the Selfridge Hotel, which opened in July 1973.

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EMI Music Publishing has won the Music Week Award for Publisher of the Year every year for over 10 years; in 2009, for the first time in history the award was shared jointly with Universal Music Publishing.

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EMI Music owns the recorded catalogue of Philles Records, with distribution handled by Sony's Legacy Recordings.

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On Internet Freedom Day in January 2013, EMI Music evoked controversy after the removal of Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech from Vimeo due to a copyright violation.

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