12 Facts About Erich Fried


Erich Fried was an Austrian-born poet, writer, and translator.

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Erich Fried initially became known to a broader public in both Germany and Austria for his political poetry, and later for his love poems.

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Erich Fried translated works by different English writers from English into German, most notably works by William Shakespeare.

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Erich Fried was born in Vienna, Austria, but fled to England after the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938.

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Erich Fried settled in London and adopted British nationality in 1949.

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Erich Fried arranged for his mother to leave Nazi-occupied Austria, as well as helping many other Jews to come to the UK.

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Erich Fried joined Young Austria, a left-wing emigrant youth movement, but left in 1943 in protest of its growing Stalinist tendencies.

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Erich Fried translated works by Shakespeare, T S Eliot, and Dylan Thomas.

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Erich Fried published several volumes of poetry as well as radio plays and a novel.

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Erich Fried's work was sometimes controversial, including attacks on the Zionist movement and support for left-wing causes.

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Erich Fried's work was mainly published in the West, but in 1969, a selection of his poetry was published in the GDR poetry series Poesiealbum, and his Dylan Thomas translations were published in that same series in 1974.

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Erich Fried died of intestinal cancer in Baden-Baden, West Germany, in 1988 and is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

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