12 Facts About Eugenio Landesio


Eugenio Landesio was an Italian painter and a pupil of the Hungarian landscape painter Karoly Marko the Elder.

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Eugenio Landesio was born in 1810 in Altessano, a village near Turin in Italy.

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Eugenio Landesio became so fond of drawing at an early age that his father resigned himself to the fact that he would be a painter.

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Eugenio Landesio began to study landscape painting under the French painter Amedee Bourgeois and went on to become a pupil of the Hungarian landscape painter Karoly Marko the Elder.

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Eugenio Landesio's work became known in Mexico when several of his paintings were acquired by the Academy of San Carlos.

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Eugenio Landesio wrote three books on landscape painting that served as textbooks for the students of the Academy of San Carlos: Los cimientos del artista dibujante y pintor.

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Eugenio Landesio wanted to be succeeded by Jose Maria Velasco, but Ignacio Manuel Altamirano imposed his own candidate, Salvador Murillo, provoking a public dispute between the painter and the novelist.

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Eugenio Landesio exercised a positive influence in his field, comparable to that of the Catalan friends who had recommended him in their own fields of figure painting and sculpture.

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Eugenio Landesio had numerous outstanding disciples, including Jose Jimenez, Gregorio Dumaine, Luis Coto, Salvador Murillo, who took over Landesio's teaching position from 1873 to 1875, Javier Alvarez, and one exceptional one, who was to consolidate the discipline in Mexico and take over as the foremost teacher of the following generation: Jose Maria Velasco.

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Eugenio Landesio was an academic painter to the manner born, of great didactic and analytical talent.

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Eugenio Landesio combined work in the studio with painting from nature in the open air.

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Eugenio Landesio distinguished two large parts or integral sub-totalities of landscape: “localities” and “episodes.

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