14 Facts About Faroes


The Faroes have an extensive bilateral free trade agreement with Iceland, known as the Hoyvik Agreement.

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Faroes was sent back to take possession of the islands for Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway from 995 to 1000.

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Norwegian control of the Faroes continued until 1814, although, when the Kingdom of Norway entered the Kalmar Union with Denmark, this gradually resulted in Danish control of the islands.

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The Faroes are not grouped with the EU when it comes to international trade; for instance, when the EU and Russia imposed reciprocal trade sanctions on each other over the War in Donbas in 2014, the Faroes began exporting significant amounts of fresh salmon to Russia.

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The Faroes are not covered by the Schengen Agreement, but there are no border checks when travelling between the Faroes and any Schengen country.

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The Faroes have associate membership in the Nordic Council but have expressed wishes for full membership.

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The Faroes are an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark, and not a sovereign state in their own right.

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Consequently, they considered the possibility that the "Kingdom of Denmark in respect of the Faroes" could join the EFTA, though the Danish Government has stated that this mechanism would not allow the Faroes to become a separate member of the EEA because Denmark was already a party to the EEA Agreement.

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Nonetheless, in 2008 the Faroes were able to make a $52 million loan to Iceland in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

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Faroes's daughter, Rakel Helmsdal was born on 1966, and is a writer, best known for her children's books, for which she has won several prizes and nominations.

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Faroes won the Nordic Children's Book Prize for this book, White Raven Deutsche Jugendbibliothek and nominated the West Nordic Council's Children and Youth Literature Prize and the Children and Youth Literature Prize of the Nordic Council.

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Faroes competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in double sculler light weight together with Juliane Rasmussen.

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Faroes is the current Danish record holder in the men's indoor rowing, heavy weight; he broke a nine-year-old record in January 2015 and improved it in January 2016.

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Faroes has competed at the 2015 World Rowing Championships making it to the semifinal; he competed at the 2015 World Rowing Championship under-23 and made it to the final where he placed fourth.

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