29 Facts About Florida State Seminoles


Florida State Seminoles are the athletic teams representing Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Florida State was a founding member of the Dixie Conference, in 1948, when other southern institutions seeking to create a "purely amateur" athletic conference based on the principle of complete amateurism, with no athletic scholarships.

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In 1976, Florida State joined the Metro Conference in all sports except football, which remained independent.

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Since 1991, Florida State has been a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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However, Florida State challenged the policy and was granted a waiver based on their “unique relationship” with the Seminole Tribe.

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The series began with Florida State Seminoles dominating for the first few years, but it has since become more balanced.

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Florida State developed a rivalry with Clemson after being placed in the same division of the conference after the 2004 season.

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Florida State University was founded with money donated by Francis Eppes VII, a grandson of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and founder of the University of Virginia.

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Florida State competes as a member of the Coastal Collegiate Sports Association in beach volleyball.

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Total of 44 Florida State Seminoles have been selected in the NBA Draft with nine first round picks.

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The Florida State Seminoles won the ACC regular season titles in 2009 and 2010.

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In 2010, the Florida State Seminoles made it to the Elite Eight round, the deepest advance in the tournament in program history, matching that run in 2015 and again in 2017.

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In 1905 the Florida Legislature reorganized the state's higher education system by abolishing the existing state-supported colleges, and creating the new University of the State of Florida in Gainesville, and the new Florida State College for Women in Tallahassee.

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The Florida State Seminoles were the first college football team in history to go wire-to-wire since the AP began releasing preseason rankings in 1936.

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Florida State Seminoles have made thirty-seven NCAA tournament appearances including twenty-five national championship appearances and eighteen regionals.

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The Florida State Seminoles have appeared in fourteen straight NCAA tournaments and were the top seed in the 2015 tournament, a year in which they won a school record four straight in-season tournaments.

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Florida State Seminoles have made eight AIWA tournament appearances, twenty-seven NCAA tournament appearances including twelve national championship appearances and twenty-four regionals.

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Since adding soccer as a sport, Florida State has made twenty-two appearances in the NCAA tournament and twelve appearances in the College Cup.

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In 1999, Florida State received a softball complex, which houses the soccer stadium.

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Florida State has made a regional appearance every year since 2000.

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The Florida State Seminoles won the National Cheerleaders Association championship in 1997 and finished in third place at the Universal Cheerleaders Association finals in 2019.

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The Seminoles won the conference championship in 2012, defeating the University of Central Florida.

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Florida State Athletics has made great strides in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics standings in the last twenty years.

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Florida State has won nineteen national team championships, and its individual athletes have numerous individual NCAA national championships.

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Florida State University has won 10 NCAA team national championships:.

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Florida State has been national runners-up 20 times in 11 NCAA sports: baseball, men's basketball, men's cross country, women's cross country, women's golf, softball, women's soccer, men's indoor track and field, men's outdoor track and field, women's outdoor track and field, and beach volleyball .

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Florida State has been national runner-up two times in one NCAA sport for which the NCAA itself does not bestow a championship.

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Florida State University has invested and continues to invest largely in the athletic centers and facilities around campus.

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Florida State has competed at consecutive Olympics since the 1972 Summer Olympics, sending a school-record 21 Olympians in 2016.

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