19 Facts About France Telecom


Orange S A, formerly France Telecom S A is a French multinational telecommunications corporation.

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In 1982, France Telecom introduced Minitel online ordering for its customers.

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Until 1988, France Telecom was known as the direction generale des Telecommunications, a division of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

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France Telecom got behind in the internationalization launched by its international competitors such as Vodafone, thus, it started looking for targets at the highest speculation rate of the dot-com bubble.

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At the time, France Telecom bought stakes in several other international firms, of which some have since been sold back.

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France Telecom was the second most indebted company worldwide in terms of short-term liabilities.

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France Telecom obtained 15bn of debt adjustment that needed to be borne by banks and investors, another 15bn as a capital increase from the French State since it was still the majority shareholder, and an additional 15bn in cash from internal savings.

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From 1 June 2006, France Telecom tried to commercialize all its products under a single worldwide brand, becoming the sole brand of the France Telecom group for Internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries in which Orange operated.

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On 5 April 2009, Orange won an Arbitration Court case against Orascom France Telecom, forcing Orascom to transfer its stake in Mobinil to Orange at a price of per Mobinil share.

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France Telecom was reorganised internally, most notably with the arrival of former Culture Minister Christine Albanel as head of communications for the group.

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France Telecom's departure was shadowed by controversy over his stock options: he was suspected of having stayed with the company longer to wait for the France Telecom share to recover and then exercise his stock option.

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Orange France is the leading mobile telecommunications operator in France, with a market share of 45.

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Livebox is the ADSL modem supplied to Orange's ADSL and FTTH customers in France Telecom, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Tunisia, and to WiMAX customers in Cameroon.

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France Telecom merged the different internal divisions managing each platform and now all operate under the Orange brand.

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Between the beginning of January 2008 and April 2011, more than 60 France Telecom employees committed suicide, some leaving notes blaming stress and misery at work.

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France Telecom used its dominant position, resulting in particular from its former monopoly, to take unfair advantage of its competitors.

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France Telecom met Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu and former president, Shimon Peres.

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In 1990 France Telecom Foundation received the top award for corporate philanthropy from ADMICAL.

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In 1995 France Telecom Foundation received the top award for solidarity from ADMICAL.

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