17 Facts About Frankfurt Airport


Frankfurt Airport is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany and one of the world's leading financial centres.

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Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe after London–Heathrow, Paris–Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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The airport grounds, which form a city district of Frankfurt named Frankfurt-Flughafen, are surrounded by the Frankfurt City Forest.

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On 16 November 1909, the world's first airline was founded in Frankfurt Airport am Main: The Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft .

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In 1938, Frankfurt Airport was a central distribution point for the transport of airmail to North America.

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The heavy use of these so-called "Raisin Bombers" caused damage to the runway in Frankfurt Airport and forced the US Army to build a second parallel runway.

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Frankfurt Airport did not emerge as a major international airline hub until 1958 when a new passenger terminal called Empfangsanlage Ost opened in the north-east corner of the airport site.

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Plans to build a fourth runway at Frankfurt Airport were underway in 1997, but owing to violent conflicts with the concept Fraport let residents' groups and environmentalists participate in the process to find a mutually acceptable solution.

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In 2012, the website Frankfurt Airport Watch reports weekly protests have been occurring at the airport since the opening of a fourth runway a year previously.

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Frankfurt Airport reportedly walked up to a waiting airman, asked him for a cigarette, and wanted to know whether the airmen were bound for Afghanistan.

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Frankfurt Airport has two large main passenger terminals and a much smaller dedicated First Class Terminal which is operated and exclusively used by Lufthansa.

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Frankfurt Airport has four runways of which three are arranged parallel in east–west direction and one in north–south direction.

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In 2017, Frankfurt Airport first indicated that the second-phase construction of the easternmost pier could be moved forward so that low-cost carriers can use this pier from 2021.

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Frankfurt Airport is the second-largest multimodal transport airport in Europe and has several logistics facilities.

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Airport ground and the surrounding area of Frankfurt Airport offer a large variety of on-airport businesses as well as airport-related businesses, including office space, hotels, shopping areas, conference rooms and car parks.

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Frankfurt Airport is located in the Frankfurt City Forest and directly connected to an Autobahn intersection called Frankfurter Kreuz where the A3 and A5 meet.

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Frankfurt Airport is featured in the Discovery Channel series X-Ray Mega Airport .

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