21 Facts About Discovery Channel


Discovery Channel is an American cable channel owned by Warner Bros.

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Channel began to shift its focus in the early 2000s to attract a broader audience, by incorporating more reality-based series focusing on automotive, occupations, and speculative investigation series; though the refocused programming strategy proved popular, Discovery Channel's ratings began to decline by the middle of the decade.

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In 2005, Discovery Channel changed its programming focus to include more popular science and historical themes.

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Discovery Channel has featured documentaries specifically aimed at families and younger audiences.

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Shortly before the 2004 Tour de France, Discovery Channel announced it would become the primary sponsor of a professional bicycling team starting in 2005, featuring the then-seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, whose wins were voided after he was proven to have cheated via doping.

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Discovery Channel Radio was a radio network whose programming consisted of audio versions of popular programs from the Discovery Communications family of television channels.

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Discovery Channel Radio was previously carried by XM Satellite Radio, until its removal from the provider in early September 2005.

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Discovery Channel lent its brand to retail stores in malls and other locations across America, and to an online store.

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On May 17,2007, Discovery Channel Communications announced it would close its standalone and mall-based stores.

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Discovery Channel funded the construction of the Lowell Discovery Telescope, in partnership with Lowell Observatory.

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Discovery Channel's first logo was a television screen picturing a map of the world.

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For two decades, starting in 1987, the channel's logo incorporated the Discovery wordmark rendered in the Aurora Bold Condensed font with a circular shape in front of it.

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Many of the sister networks used logo designs similar to the one used by Discovery Channel, often incorporating the globe and using the same typeface.

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On March 31,2008, Discovery Channel unveiled a new logo, which took effect on-air on April 15,2008.

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The launch was accompanied by a new advertising campaign, "The World is Just Awesome", which featured scenes of Discovery Channel personalities singing an adapted version of the song "I Love the Mountains".

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The new branding is accompanied by another new imaging campaign, "The World is Ours", which features scenes of Discovery Channel personalities singing the Blue Swede version of "Hooked on a Feeling".

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Canadian version of Discovery was established in 1995, and is currently owned by a joint venture between Bell Media and Discovery Inc.

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In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Discovery Channel is part of the Premiere digital network and supplies specific programs to other networks like ZDF and kabel eins.

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In Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia, Discovery Channel is carried by most cable television and IPTV providers with all the content subtitled in the respective languages.

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Discovery Channel was launched in 1998 in India broadcasting originally in English and Hindi.

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Discovery Channel recently launched Discovery Channel Plus, a new streaming service for India priced at ?300 per year, offering content in eight languages—English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.

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