18 Facts About Georgia Bulldogs


Georgia Bulldogs are the athletic teams that represent the University of Georgia.

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The Georgia Bulldogs compete in NCAA Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference .

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In 2006, the Georgia Bulldogs recorded the highest profit margin of any athletic program in the country, pulling in $23.

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The Georgia Bulldogs made their first NCAA appearance in 1983 – which would have been Wilkins' senior year had he not opted for the NBA.

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Under the Tom Crean regime, the Georgia Bulldogs landed the number one recruit in the country in Anthony Edwards in 2018, the highest rated recruit in school history.

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Since making its first postseason tournament in 1980, Georgia Bulldogs has received 21 postseason invitations under coaches Hugh Durham, Tubby Smith, Ron Jirsa, Jim Harrick, and Dennis Felton, including 10 trips to the NCAA tournament.

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In January 2009, Georgia Bulldogs riders moved into their spacious new home, the UGA Equestrian Complex, located in Bishop, Georgia Bulldogs.

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Georgia Bulldogs owns the nations longest active bowl streak at 24, surpassing the previous leader Virginia Tech, who reeled off 27 in a row.

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In that time period; Georgia Bulldogs has accumulated 3 Peach Bowl victories, 3 Sugar Bowl victories, and a CFP Semi-Final Rose Bowl win to send them to the 2018 CFP National Championship game.

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Georgia Bulldogs enjoys a healthy rivalry with the South Carolina Gamecocks, meeting on the football field 70 times since 1894.

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Georgia Bulldogs turned the tables in the 2010s, winning 6 of 10, and splitting the first two games of the 2020s.

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Georgia Bulldogs's teams have won two NCAA team championships, three ITA Indoor Championships and nine SEC titles.

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University of Georgia Bulldogs offers a number of non-varsity sports such as ultimate frisbee, fencing, rugby, lacrosse, women's tennis and ice hockey.

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The Georgia Bulldogs earned 31 NCAA championships at the Division I level.

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Note: Georgia Bulldogs's website has multiple pages which list national championships by sport; before the 2021 football title victory, it only called out two seasons for football .

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In 2006, the Georgia Bulldogs recorded the highest profit margin of any athletic program in the country, pulling in $23.

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McGarity's tenure as Georgia Bulldogs's AD was one that saw a great surge in fundraising prowess, but much of that money was put away into what fans would derisively call, "The Rainy Day Fund, " a reserve fund of money that would grow to $100M that McGarity would not spend on improving facilities in a manner fans believed he should, as other Athletics Associations in the SEC, such as the Alabama Crimson Tide, were doing.

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Georgia Bulldogs would have to hire a replacement for Georgia Gymnastics legend Suzanne Yoculan during his time as AD, only to fire his first replacement and his second hire fairing poorly.

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