21 Facts About Gerhard Zeiler


Gerhard Zeiler was born on 20 July 1955 and is an Austrian businessman who is the current president of Warner Bros.

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Gerhard Zeiler was born in Ottakring, Vienna, to Hans and Dorothea Gerhard Zeiler.

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Gerhard Zeiler has worked in television for 23 years – eight in the public service broadcasting sector; the remainder in commercial television.

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Gerhard Zeiler followed Dr Sinowatz to the federal chancellor's office in 1983, going on to work for federal chancellor Dr Franz Vranitzky.

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In 1986, Gerhard Zeiler became secretary general of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation in Vienna.

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Two years later, in 1994, Gerhard Zeiler returned to Vienna when he was appointed CEO of ORF.

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In November 1998, Gerhard Zeiler joined RTL Group, being appointed CEO of RTL Television in Cologne.

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Gerhard Zeiler has been a member of the executive board of Bertelsmann AG since October 2005.

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Gerhard Zeiler is a member of the supervisory boards of Groupe M6 in France and RTL Television in Germany, and vice chairman of the board of the Greek Alpha Media Group.

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Gerhard Zeiler is responsible for WarnerMedia's entire international business, as well as program production for all stations, including the new streaming service HBO Max, on an international level.

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From 2002 to 2004, Gerhard Zeiler was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, which holds a majority in Bertelsmann.

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Gerhard Zeiler is often outspoken in his views on the value of television as a medium, despite often challenging evidence to the contrary.

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Gerhard Zeiler is convinced that advertisers believe in the effectiveness of television – "TV is bigger than ever" – and believes "Television will remain the mass medium – the only medium capable of assembling truly mass audiences".

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Gerhard Zeiler has long been a strong supporter of British television.

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Gerhard Zeiler is one of the few non-British recipients of the Royal Television Society fellowship, and was chair of the 2008 RTS international conference 'Opportunity Knocks'.

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Gerhard Zeiler believes "Britain is an incredible centre for talent, creativity and ideas", and that even the US networks look to the UK for inspiration.

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Gerhard Zeiler went on to say, "British production companies are the absolute best in the world when it comes to non-scripted, non-fiction formats".

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Gerhard Zeiler has been outspoken in his support of calls to relax UK product placement rules, to help struggling commercial broadcasters.

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Gerhard Zeiler believes, "Product placement is a commercial fact of life… Carefully regulated product placement is a legitimate revenue stream and the money raised could be used to support the production of original content – content viewers want to watch".

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In 2004, Gerhard Zeiler was voted media personality of the year at the Mipcom audiovisual content trade show in Cannes.

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In January 2011, Gerhard Zeiler will become the first non-American to receive NATPE's Brandon Tartikoff legacy award.

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