15 Facts About Ghanakanta Bora


Ghanakanta Bora has won the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2001.

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At the age of six, the child Ghanakanta Bora started receiving training in Sattriya dance and music from the great exponent of the Vaishnavite tradition, Late Maniram Dutta Muktiyar Barbayan.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora completed his training with distinction at an early age and was elevated as Barbayan at a young age.

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Ghanakanta Bora's career began at the Sattra itself when he was selected as an "Adhyapak" to coach and train the young pupils in the sattra.

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Ghanakanta Bora returned to Guwahati in 1975 and joined as a teacher of Sattriya dance when the Sangeet Sattra was established in Guwahati.

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In 1980 Shri Ghanakanta Bora joined the State Music College, Assam as a teacher of Sattriya Dance and currently is settled in Guwahati.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora has established over 25 schools for training on Sattriya all over Assam.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora has performed extensively on various musical platforms, and festivals throughout the country.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora recently performed Sattriya Dance and played the Khol in 'Bharat Mahatsova' held in South East Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora has authored two books on Sattriya Dance: Mati Akhora and Khol Sikhsa.

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Ghanakanta Bora is currently the Head of the Department of Sattriya Music and Dance of the Government State College of Music, Assam.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora is associated with a national level Sangeet Natak Akademi project called "Onkia Bhaauna – RaamBijoy Naat" in Brojavoli dialect.

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Ghanakanta Bora has been awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 by the Government of India in recognition of his distinguished contribution to Sattriya Dance.

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Ghanakanta Bora is the Honorary Director of Maniram Dutta Muktiyar Sattriya Kala Kendra, Guwahati.

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Shri Ghanakanta Bora is a trustee of Srimanta Foundation for Culture and Society, Guwahati.

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