10 Facts About Goal-line technology


The objective of goal-line technology is not to replace the role of the officials, but rather to support them in their decision-making.

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Goal-line technology is currently used in the top European domestic leagues, and at major international competitions such as, since 2014, the Men's and Women's FIFA World Cups.

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FIFA have a system whereby a particular Goal-line technology provider needs to show effectiveness to successfully obtain a license for their Goal-line technology, then an installation within a particular stadium must pass a "final installation test" before use, and before each game the referee must check that the system is functional.

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In domestic competition, goal-line technology is only regularly used in a few major European leagues:Serie A, the Bundesliga, the Premier League, the EFL Championship, Ligue 1 and selected matches in the Eredivisie.

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GoalRef Goal-line technology underwent match testing in some Danish Superliga matches in the first half of 2012.

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Hawk-Eye Goal-line technology was employed at Toyota Stadium, while GoalRef was used at International Stadium Yokohama.

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The first goal given by the Goal-line technology was on 15 June 2014 group stage match between France and Honduras.

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Advocates in turn cite the many examples of incorrect goal-line decisions deciding important games and point out that the technology has improved much since the initial trials carried out by FIFA.

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FIFA will make an extra £15,000 from Wembley Stadium, which will have the Goal-line technology installed for use in events such as the FA Cup semi-finals and final.

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System came under scrutiny in June 2020 after a Premier League match between Aston Villa and Sheffield United as the Goal-line technology failed to award a goal for Sheffield United despite the fact that Aston Villa goalkeeper Ørjan Nyland had carried the ball over the goal line after mishandling a free kick from Sheffield United's Oliver Norwood by colliding with teammate Keinan Davis.

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