14 Facts About Grant Shapps

1. In 1990, aged 22, Grant Shapps founded PrintHouse Corporation, a design, print, website creation and marketing business in London, based on a collapsed printing business he purchased from the receiver.

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2. In October 2017, Grant Shapps called for Theresa May's resignation, saying that the party could not "bury its head in the sand" in the wake of the June election.

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3. In March 2015, Grant Shapps admitted to having had a second job whilst being an MP and practising business under a pseudonym.

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4. In May 2008, Grant Shapps was cited as one of several shadow ministers who had received cash from firms linked to their portfolios.

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5. On 28 November 2015, Grant Shapps stood down as minister of state due to allegations of bullying within the Conservative Party.

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6. In October 2013, Grant Shapps used a Daily Telegraph interview to say that the BBC could lose the right to all of the licence fee if it did not resolve its "culture of waste and secrecy".

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7. In March 2013, Grant Shapps defended the Welfare Reform Act 2012 saying his own children share a bedroom.

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8. In November 2012, Grant Shapps hired Australian strategist Lynton Crosby to provide strategic advice and run the 2015 election campaign.

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9. In September 2012, Grant Shapps was appointed Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party in Cameron's first major reshuffle.

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10. In May 2010, Grant Shapps became housing and local government minister within the Communities and Local Government department and immediately repealed Home Information Pack legislation.

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11. In early 2010 Grant Shapps published a series of six speeches in a pamphlet called "Home Truths".

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12. In June 2007, Grant Shapps became shadow housing minister, outside the shadow cabinet, but entitled to attend its meetings.

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13. On 11 May 2015, Grant Shapps lost both of these positions, and was instead appointed Minister of State at the Department for International Development.

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14. On 9 June 2010, Grant Shapps was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.

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