65 Facts About Gus Fring


Gustavo "Gus" Fring is a fictional character portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito in the crime drama series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul.

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Gus Fring is a Chilean-American businessman and major narcotics distributor in the Southwestern United States who uses several legitimate businesses, including a chain of successful fried chicken restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos and an industrial laundry facility called Lavanderia Brillante, as fronts used to launder money for a vast drug operation.

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Gustavo Fring is named after the former German international footballer Torsten Frings.

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Humanity of Gus Fring's personality played an integral role in his development.

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Moments before dying, Gus Fring manages to calmly adjust his tie even after having half his face blown off.

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Gus Fring has a mysterious background; his name is likely an alias, since neither the DEA nor his own enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut could find any record of him prior to his arrival in Mexico.

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Gus Fring is supposedly a native of Chile, and is sometimes referred to by cartel members as "The Chilean".

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Gus Fring immigrated to Mexico in the 1980s during the Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and in a flashback during the Breaking Bad episode "One Minute", Hector mockingly refers to him as "Big Generalissimo", implying that Gus Fring had a connection to the Pinochet regime.

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Gus Fring's restaurants are located across the southwestern United States, with his flagship restaurant in Albuquerque, and the firm's chicken farm and distribution center on the outskirts of the city.

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Gus Fring is a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a multinational company based in Germany that has ownership stakes in multiple subsidiaries.

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Gus Fring operates in partnership with two Madrigal executives: Peter Schuler, a German who serves as the company president, and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, the company's Houston-based vice president of global logistics.

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Gus Fring maintains a positive public image: he is a booster for Albuquerque civic causes, including the local Drug Enforcement Administration office; in addition to befriending the special agent in charge, Gus Fring makes large donations to the office's charitable events.

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Gus Fring employs a number of enforcers and has personally killed both rivals and allies.

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Much of Gus Fring's motives are driven by revenge for the death of his partner Maximino "Max" Arciniega by the Mexican cartel.

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Gus Fring's homosexuality is touched on in the episode "Fun and Games", in which he relaxes after having eliminated Lalo as a threat to his plans by visiting a wine bar and conversing with David, his favorite sommelier.

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Eladio spared Gus Fring, but forced him to co-operate with the cartel on Eladio's terms.

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Mike tracks this interruption to Gus Fring, who explains that he wants to be the one to determine when Hector will die.

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However, Gus Fring encourages Mike to continue to disrupt the trucks Hector uses to bring ice cream store supplies and drugs from Mexico and send cash back to the cartel.

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Gus Fring, who had wanted this result from the start, appears to reluctantly agree.

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Hector's angry outburst leads to a stroke, and Gus Fring calls for an ambulance while administering first aid that saves Hector's life, though he is comatose.

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Gus Fring offers the job to Werner Ziegler after being impressed by Werner's forthright description of the difficulty and risk.

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Gus Fring provides long-term housing and amenities for Werner's crew, while Mike provides security and transportation designed to keep their presence a secret.

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The next day, Mike makes a veiled warning to Werner that Gus Fring will have him killed if he makes the same mistake again, and Werner acknowledges that he understands.

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Gus Fring is immediately suspicious of Gus and surveils his restaurant and chicken farm.

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Mike convinces Gus Fring to let Mike find Werner and bring him back instead of killing him.

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Gus Fring offers to send men to do it, but Mike accepts responsibility because Werner escaped on his watch, so he reluctantly kills Werner himself.

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Gus Fring arranges for Nacho to take cocaine of inferior quality when picking up the Salamanca's drugs at Los Pollos Hermanos.

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Gus Fring goes on to claim that in an effort to hide the loss, he replaced the stolen cocaine with locally produced methamphetamine.

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Juan reminds Lalo that Gus Fring enjoys the trust of Don Eladio, and indicates that Lalo should let the matter drop.

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Gus Fring offers to continue paying Mike during the delay, but Mike declines out of frustration over Gus Fring's seeming lack of compassion for Werner.

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Gus Fring coerces Nacho into providing inside information on the Salamancas.

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Gus Fring agrees and on the night of the transfer he tensely waits as Victor and Diego make sure that the DEA and local police seize nearly a million dollars but find no leads to Gus Fring.

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Gus Fring arranges for Nacho to report to Mike about his activities to undermine the Salamanca organization.

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Gus Fring wants Lalo released, so he has Mike provide Jimmy with the details of his investigation into Lalo.

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Gus Fring is skeptical, wondering how all the hitmen died, but succeeded in killing Lalo.

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Nacho realizes Gus Fring has betrayed him to the cartel and prepares to flee, but the Cousins arrive to search for him.

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Mike and his men leave for Jimmy and Kim's apartment, but when Kim tells Gus Fring that Lalo agreed to send her instead of Jimmy, Gus Fring recognizes the shooting is a distraction.

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Lalo is using a video camera to obtain evidence of Gus Fring' planned meth lab for Don Eladio, which will prove Gus Fring' disloyalty to the cartel.

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Gus Fring refuses to dignify Hector's allegations with a response and is allowed to leave albeit with his part of his territory given to the Salamanca family and a stern reminder about who is in charge.

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Gus Fring tells him that he is not interested in conducting business since Jesse was late and high for the first meeting, and is thus potentially unreliable.

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Walt persuades Gus Fring to reconsider his decision, promising that he will never have to deal with Jesse and that their product will earn him enormous returns.

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Gus Fring eventually agrees to purchase 38 pounds of Walt's meth for $1.

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Shortly afterward, Gus Fring is given a tour of the DEA's Albuquerque field office, along with other local boosters.

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Gus Fring is pleased with the quality of Walt's blue meth and offers him $3 million for three months of his time to cook more in a high-tech "superlab" hidden under an industrial laundry that Gus Fring owns.

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Walt initially refuses, but Gus Fring eventually convinces Walt that he should cook for his family's financial security.

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Gus Fring provides him with Gale Boetticher, the talented chemist who set up the superlab, to help cook, but Walt needs to placate Jesse after Hank assaults him, so he convinces Gus Fring to bring Jesse back as his assistant.

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Gus Fring informs the cartel that once Walt is done with his three months, they will be free to kill him.

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Leonel and Marco Salamanca are impatient and travel from Mexico to the US to carry out the murder, but Gus Fring intervenes and points them to Hank, who actually killed Tuco.

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Gus Fring anonymously warns Hank about the pending attack, enabling Hank to kill Marco and critically injure Leonel, despite becoming nearly paralyzed from the waist down.

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Gus Fring uses his influence with the police to distract them at the hospital so Mike can fatally inject Leonel.

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Jesse learns that drug dealers who work for Gus Fring were responsible for the death of Tomas, the young brother of Jesse's girlfriend Andrea.

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Gus Fring agrees to overlook the matter but reinstates Gale as Walt's assistant, and privately tells Gale to learn all of Walt's methods so that he can take over from Walt.

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Walt realizes that Gus Fring is trying to groom Gale as his replacement, meaning his life is at risk, so he secretly meets with Jesse and asks him to find out where Gale lives.

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Furious upon learning of Gale's murder, Gus Fring arrives at the lab, where Walt and Jesse have been secured by Victor and Mike.

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Gus Fring calmly tells Walt and Jesse to get back to work and increases oversight in the lab by installing security cameras and having Mike and Tyrus watch them while they work.

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Gus Fring is impressed by Jesse's mettle and has Mike involve him in more work outside the lab.

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Gus Fring arranges to meet with Don Eladio and the other cartel leaders to work out the differences that have caused the cartel to disrupt Gus Fring' business and he brings Mike and Jesse with him.

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Jesse cooks a superior batch of meth and Gus Fring offers to have him stay in Mexico and work for the cartel.

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Gus Fring takes the first drink to alleviate suspicion but forces himself to vomit afterward.

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Gus Fring brings them to Dr Goodman's makeshift hospital that Gus had previously arranged at his villa, where both receive treatment.

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Jesse agrees to help Walt and tells him about Gus Fring' routine, including his visits to Hector at the nursing home.

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Too late, Gus Fring sees that the bell is attached to the detonator of Walt's pipe bomb, which Walt had installed on the underside of Hector's wheelchair.

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Gus Fring appears uninjured as he calmly walks out of the room and adjusts his tie, but the camera slowly reveals that the bomb has burnt off the entire portion of his upper right face.

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The police recover the account numbers and access codes for the offshore accounts Gus Fring previously set up to pay his employees for their silence and seize the accounts.

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AMC released a series of ten short videos on YouTube and their social media accounts during season three as Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training with Gus Fring, combining live-action shots featuring Esposito as Gus along with animated segments, presented as employee training videos for Gus's Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant workers.

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